Ernie Ball VP JR



This pedal is one of the best-built expression and volume controls on the current market. It is designed for use with active pickups.

With this choice piece, you will find that you can easily achieve very smooth operation and it allows immediate reaction from your stomp box, with absolutely zero lag.

It provides a wonderfully smooth transition from zero sound to full sound and also switches seamlessly between rhythm and lead volumes.

The feature that is perhaps the most helpful on this beauty is the tuner output. By running a ¼ inch power cord from the input of a tuner to the tuner output, it is possible to leave your tuner on all of the time. This lets you discretely re-tune after dropping a face-melting shred session on your adoring fans.

This option is by far the most useful when on stage for a performance, but is still a very welcome convenience even in a private practice or bedroom jam session.

This pedal also has an adjustment switch that allows the user to take it from a long sweep option to a more abrupt swell option. Although it works really great as master volume pedal if you are looking to use this baby primarily for swells, this piece is built with nonlinear sweeping, providing swells that are much less robotic and more musical to the ear.

There’s a reason it is recommended in the Eventide manual. It is ideal for use with any Eventide Stompbox and hooks up easily requiring only one mono patch cable from the expression in jack on the stomp box to the out jack on the pedal.

Constructed with a cast aluminum exterior, this piece has good bearing surfaces and countersunk machine screws making this is a very high-quality piece. Although it is lightweight it is still tough as nails – extremely sturdy and well crafted despite the fact that this pedal is mass produced.

This piece is slightly pricier than many other pedals, but only by a little and it is well worth the extra expense. After all, what are a few dollars saved, when the overall quality and output is worth so much more than the difference in price?

If you are looking for a high-impact, small-footprint option, this is the perfect solution for you. As one of 2017’s top rated models, it is truly a great accessory for guitarists of any experience level.