Mini Chords: Introduction to D and D7


Good job at having spent time with those minified C, G7, and G chord shapes. By surpassing those lessons, you’ve made fabulous progress towards becoming an intermediate guitar player!

Now, as you may have guessed, there are a couple more chords to add to the list. Remember, learning the guitar is like climbing a hill, there’s always a new upward trek to challenge your grit and willingness to proceed. Just keep diligently going, and if you tire out then simply slow your pace and spread it out over a longer period of time. But just keep forging ahead!

The D and D7 chords shapes are a step up in difficulty, since you’ll now be fretting 3 strings simultaneously. Just take it slow and use the trick of repetition, and you’ll solve this puzzle soon.

Follow Along with the Sheet Music

This course teaches using the Belwin's Guitar Method 1 book. If you'd like to have the guitar tablature (so you can hold the book in your hands and follow along by reading the sheet music), then follow this link to purchase the book: here

Practice Tips

If it’s challenging to fret one of the three chords quickly, slow down your tempo, and repeatedly go back and forth between(a) fretting the chord and (b) fretting another chord or simply resetting your fretting hand position

Allow each of the strings to resonate in unison

Fret the notes by placing your fingertip as close behind the fret as possible (though you can be slightly further behind if your hand stretch is limited)

Maintain proper finger-to-fret assignment (1st fret for the 1st finger, 2nd fret for the 2nd finger, and so on)

Use your fingertips rather than fingerpads

Key Takeaways

Internalize the D and D7 chords, and better understand how to transition between chord shapes