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What’s the Best Way to Learn Guitar? [2022 Guide]

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The 6 Second Summary:

Learning the guitar is like climbing a hill, with different ways up the hill having different difficulty levels and vantage points. 

The best way, or route, to learn guitar is by ensuring you have (1) curiosity as fuel to climb the hill, (2) a smart lesson plan which is like the pathway you select, and (3) a quality mentor who’s already been up the hill who can guide you through troublesome passages.

Your best bet to cover each of those 3 factors is by having private lessons, or with an online guitar course. You can get private lessons, or a free online guitar course through this site!

In first place, the best way to learn guitar is with private lessons.

In second place, the best way to learn guitar is with this online course you’ve landed upon.

But first, to see why that’s the case, let me try to breakdown the question of, “what’s the best way to learn guitar”.

Learning Guitar Is Like Hiking a Hill

Imagine that learning guitar is similar to hiking a hill.

Like different ways of walking up a hill, there are different ways of learning guitar. And each way can lead to different levels of expertise and take different amounts of time.

A bad way of climbing the hill would be to start up the jagged cliffside. Similarly, a bad way of learning guitar would be to watch unsorted Youtube videos.

On the other hand, a good way of climbing the hill would be to use a nice staircase to the top. Likewise, a good way of learning guitar would be to find a great teacher, or great course, that guides you through a well-structured lesson plan.

With That Being Said, Here Are 3 Determining Factors…

Private lessons or this “Learn Guitars” course are the 2 best ways to learn guitar, based on these criteria:

  • Learning Factor #1: Curiosity and open-mindedness to set forth on the path
  • Learning Factor #2: The choice of path you take, whether it’s the stable footing of a clear lesson plan, or the jagged rocks of unsorted Youtube videos
  • Learning Factor #3: The presence of a quality mentor to guide you along the roadmap

1. Private Lessons

It’s how people have learned stringed instruments (and almost any skill) for tens if not hundreds of thousands of years. And it’s not out of date!

(Master guitarist George Benson with Darryl Darden)

Learning directly from an awesome guitarist is still the best way to maintain your inspiration, have a quality lesson plan, and receive immediate feedback so bad habits get snuffed out.

Let’s be honest — no online course is better than having a qualified teacher tutoring you and you only.

If you’d like affordable private guitar lessons, you can see if they’re right for you and book a consult here.

2. This “Learn Guitars” Online Course

But, private lessons aren’t always feasible from a time or money perspective. If you’re busy, it’s hard to book lessons, 1-on-1, on a weekly basis for a while. Plus, private lessons are pricier.

In that case, your next best bet is to use an online guitar course like this.

This Learn Guitars course is a 12 Week course, meant to graduate absolute beginners of the guitar to intermediates.

Plus, it’s free to follow along!

Start Learning Now, or Keep Reading!

Can’t wait to get started?

See the whole course overview: here.

Or, you can keep reading to dial-in your best way to learn guitar, and learn how private lessons or this course can help with that.

Growth Factor 1: Curiosity & Open-Mindedness

Firstly, private lessons or this course are 2 of the best ways to learn guitar, because they inspire your curiosity and open-mindedness.

Here’s a bit more of a background on those 2 qualities, and then you’ll see how they tie into private lessons or this course.

On Curiosity:

Your curiosity is like your fuel to power up the learning curve, or hill; the moment your “curiosity tank” dries up, you can bet you’ll set your guitar aside where it’ll collect dust. 

On Open-Mindedness

Your open-mindedness is like your healing ointment if you get cuts or scrapes from clambering up the guitar learning hill.

For example, if you set aside 20 minutes, daily, to practice guitar, it’ll sting like a scrape; you’ll feel discomfort from the change in routine, but by keeping an open mind you’ll trudge beyond your comfort zone, and climb the hill.

What Happens When You Lack Curiosity & Open-Mindedness?

Without curiosity and an open mind, you’re forcing yourself to learn; it’s like carrying an extra 500 pounds up a hill.

A Sherpa fetches ladders for climbers attempting to summit Mount Everest.

Just imagine other times when you tried to learn without curiosity and an open mind.

Remember math or Shakespeare? Your curiosity tank was empty, and your mind was closed shut, sapping any progress in those directions.

Thus, value your curiosity and open-mindedness to learn guitar; they’re precious qualities, and they’re a big part of making your way of learning the guitar (or any skill) the best way.

Again, Your Best Way to Learn is With Private Lessons

To tie this together, the best way to learn guitar is really impacted by your curiosity and open-mindedness to follow whichever way you use!

With private lessons, your teacher shows you what you want — which is to play the guitar well — each day, which inspires you.

Plus, they’ll push you to progress faster than you thought you would, stretching your open-mindedness.

To try getting private lessons, click here.

But, If Not Private Lessons, This Online Course

If private lessons are out of reach, then this online course is a good option too.

Not only does this Learn Guitars course focus lots on video lessons, to inspire and show you how to play this or that riff, but there are lots of references to guitar masters and history to help keep that all-important context.

You’ll notice the person who wrote this (and made this course) is a huge nerd about players like Segovia, Hendrix, Van Halen, and Jeff Beck, and hopefully you’re happy to share in that passion.

To get started with the online course.. well, guess what? You’re already in it! Just keep progressing through the lessons.

Exploit Your Curiosity & Open-Mindedness

Thus, if you’re wondering the best way to learn guitar, you can see that private lessons or this online course are 2 of the best ways, since they really tug at your curiosity and open-mindedness brainstrings.

Growth Factor 2: Your Quality Roadmap

Next is how good your “roadmap” or lesson plan is.

Judged by the roadmap quality you can get from a private teacher, and the roadmap of this course, that’s why these 2 ways rank as best here.

Scenario A: Roadmap Perfection

Going back to the “climbing a hill” example, the best way to learn guitar means having the best route to get there.

With a good roadmap, you’ll learn the guitar’s strings in a logical, musical way, and then learn your basic chords after that.

It sounds obvious, but it’s just a matter of taking the straightest, most logical route to your destination point.

Scenario B: Roadmaps with Dead-Ends

On the other hand, without a roadmap, or with bad directions, it’s like doing walking up a sheer cliff, going the wrong way, or hitting dead-ends. Ultimately, that saps energy and wastes time.

With Youtube guitar lessons, you might go from never having touched a guitar, to playing Enter Sandman by Metallica right off the bat. Sure it’s fast and quick, but it won’t sound like Metallica without the steps you should take in between.

Thus, don’t choose the roadmap that takes you up a sheer cliff. Instead, choose a way of learning guitar that leads you through a logical path from start to finish.

Again, Private Lessons Are the Best Way

With the private lessons on Learn Guitars using a fantastic roadmap, it’s perhaps the best way you can learn guitar.

That’s because you’ll learn out of a book called Belwin’s Guitar Method 1.

It’s a time-proven book, which logically takes you through the guitar; you’ll start by learning the thinnest string, through the thickest, and learn chords along the way.

Plus, you’ll have your private teacher to help you in case you’ve got any questions.

To book your lessons, first try booking your 15min free consult call.

But This Online Course Also Uses the Same Roadmap

What makes this course one of the best ways to learn guitar online is because it also uses the Belwin’s Guitar Method 1 teaching plan.

That is, you’ll learn the thinnest string, up to the thickest string, and learn chords along the way. Plus, it’s all practiced musically, with tons of example songs you can play.

Thus, since the course uses one of the best roadmaps for guitar learning in existence (that awesome book), it makes this one of the best ways to learn guitar.

Thus, With Great Roadmaps, These Are Great Ways to Learn Guitar

Both the private lessons you can get from Learn Guitars, and the online course teach out of the Belwin’s book.

Simply since that book is so genius in its simplicity, the private lessons and the online course here will be one of the best ways you’ll find to learn guitar.

Growth Factor 3: Mentorship on the Guitar

Next, private lessons or this online course are the best ways to learn guitar because they focus on more personalized mentorship.

What is Mentorship?

You might wonder what mentorship means, here, though.

In short, let’s say it’s the process of (a) listening or watching, (b) copying, then (c) receiving feedback so you can do better the next time.

Who are Mentors?

Mentors are people who have already trekked up the guitar learning hill, where you’d like to be. Now, they’ve hiked back down to help guide you up too.

Even the Kings Began with Mentorship

Even the great BB King, one of the great innovators of the guitar, received mentorship to get his start.

At his local church, BB King was part of the choire, and they were accompanied by the church minister on the guitar. Insatiably curious and pleading with his minister to learn guitar, the minister taught BB King his first 3 chords.

On top of that, you’ll find heaps of examples of how great mentorship meant the best way of learning.

Even earlier, the King of the Delta Blues, Robert Johnson, learned blues guitar with the mentorship of Charlie Patton, Son House, and Willie Brown.

Scenario A: Learning With Mentors

Mentors are like your Swiss army knife as you climb the guitar learning hill.

They’re the knife that helps you prepare food, helping you satiate your appetite for inspiration and curiosity. And, they’re the bottle opener that opens a fresh beer, celebrating when you can play a certain song or riff.

Scenario B: Learning Without Mentors

On the other hand, learning guitar without mentors (or with poor mentors) is like hiking the guitar learning hill alone. Which isn’t a great idea, especially if it’s your first time.

Maybe the path you planned to take is flooded, and you’ve got to take a different route. Without a mentor, you might get lost and never reach your destination.

Thus, great mentorship is a key part of deciding which way is the best way of learning guitar. Because private lessons and this course provide some of the best mentorship you can ask for, they rank as the top 2 options to learn guitar.

Mentorship With Private Lessons

Private lessons absolutely shine when it comes to mentorship.

It’s probably obvious why — if you finger a riff wrong, your teacher can immediately snuff it out, since he or she is sitting right there. That way, you’re not scrambling on Google, asking how people are playing that part of the song.

(A young Derek Trucks playing alongside Dickey Betts)

Plus, they can help with non-guitar questions, like how to stay motivated with practice if you’re busy, ways to practice, and so on. Not to mention that they’re almost like your buddy, constantly supporting your growth.

It’s a human element, similar to talking on the phone with a real person instead of Walmart’s automated messaging service, which positively affects learnings in all sorts of ways.

The powerful mentorship from private lessons is why it’s the best way to learn guitar.

If you’re interested in getting private lessons, just click here and you can have a free 15min consult call.

Mentorship With an Online Guitar Course

If your time scheduling and budgeting are factors you’d like to avoid forfeiting, then your best bet for mentorship would be better had with the Learn Guitars online course. It won’t be quite as effective for learning speed and depth, but it’ll most likely be far more convenient and cost-effective.

Again at a close second, this online course is the next best way to learn guitar.

It won’t stand a chance at giving you the undivided, 1-to-1 mentorship of private lessons — nothing will — but at least this course really tries to emulate it.

Where relevant, the lesson articles have videos to help your learning, and the tone of the articles is (attempted to be) written in an easy-to-read, 1st person style.

Plus, I’ve got lots of experience with creating guitar lesson content. Over at my Youtube channel, I’ve taught delta blues guitar for over 10 years, with more than 10,000 long-time subscribers. Check out those lessons here.

Conclusion: Knowing Your Best Way to Learn Guitar

Thus your best (path)way to learn guitar is by either: (1) taking private lessons or (2) using this online guitar course.

That’s because they stack up the best when it comes to tugging at the 3 learning factors: intense curiosity, a great lesson plan roadmap, and quality mentorship.

For Private Lessons

You can book a free consultation to explore if private guitar lessons are for you

For the Online Course

Or you can begin using the free Learn Guitars online course

In fact, you’ve already gotten started! Continue to your next guitar lesson by scrolling down and clicking “Next Lesson.”