Shuckin’ Sugar

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Although Jefferson is widely recognized as one of the most important Texas bluesmen, he often expanded his guitar techniques well beyond Texas Blues, incorporating styles nowadays branded as Delta Blues, Boogie Woogie, even Country & Western, and so on. However, with Shuckin' Sugar, Blind Lemon sounds like quite a classic Texas bluesman; almost with a style that could be mistaken for Lead Belly literally accompanying him.

Guitar-wise, he keeps a pulsing bassline underneath, while filling juicy, treble-side strums into the mid-ranges. Of course, though, in typical Jefferson style, he adds in beautiful embellishments, such as momentary alternating basslines, treble-side bends, and other creative blues-riffs which won't be heard anywhere else.

Year of Recording
November 1926
Chicago, IL
Record Label
Paramount 12454

I've got your picture, and I'm going to put it in a frame
I've got your picture, I'll put it in a frame, Shuckin' Sugar
And then if you leave town, we can find you just the same

Now if you don't love me, please don't dog me around
If you don't love me, please don't dog me around, Shuckin' Sugar
Like you dog me around, I'll know you'll put me down

I know my baby, thinks she wanting all of me
I know my baby, thinks she wanting all of me, Shuckin' Sugar
Everytime she smiles, she shines a light on me

Oh big fair brown, something's goin' on wrong
Oh big fair brown is, something's goin' on wrong, Shuckin' Sugar
Its this woman I love, she's gone from here and gone

Ah, listen fair brown, don't you wanna go
Ah, listen fair brown, don't you wanna go, Shuckin' Sugar
Well, you take it 'cross the water, where a brown-skinned man can't go

All them worries here, worries everywhere
I have worries here, worries everywhere, Shuckin' Sugar
Man, I just started home and I might be worried there

Well, I'm of tired of marriage, and I'm tired of this settlin' down
I said I'm tired of this marriage, tired of this settlin' down, Shuckin' Sugar
I only wanna be like I am in a different kind of town