My Buddy Papa Blind Lemon

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Out of King Solomon Hill's songs, it's an odd thing to try and pick out one that's unique, since each song he recorded is not so different from treasure. However, with this tune, My Buddy Papa Blind Lemon, it could be a good candidate. What makes it kind of remarkable in a way is how he seems to go in a different direction with this tune, playing a badass type of 'chicken-pickin'-like fingerstyle.

Between the verses of his vocals, he pulls out these special alternating string lines, holding a stationary treble-side note, while playing a bass riff. The result is a really cool result, surprising since so few (if any at all) musicians played such a thing. Then, with that kind of faster tempo mood which those alternating lines give off, his vocal styling is also different from his vocals on his other slower tempo songs; he kind of sings with a groovy beat, matching that tempo set by his guitar. Overall, another special song by King Solomon Hill.

Year of Recording
January 1932
Grafton, WI
Record Label
Paramount 13125

Mmmmmm, the mailman's brought misery to my head
Mmmmm, the mailman's brought misery to my head
When I received the letter, that my friend Lemon was dead

I was standing with my friends, they wouldn't mention his name
I said that cruel man that you call death done taken my buddy's name
It is too sad and lonesome, all we got to go
I said when death coming right back to your hand, he's knocking on your door

I had a buddy, I wanna know why you're looking so poor
See I got a notice in my mind and I sure got to go

I had a fear last night, calling in my sleep
I had a fear last night, calling in my sleep
I've been worryin' the whole day long and I feel I'm losin' sleep

You can hear some crying lord you can hear a little screaming, as Everybody's got to go
But it's too sad when you lose one of your best friends
You gotta take it like a spoonful