Little Queen of Spades

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Little Queen of Spades is another member of the same family as other songs like Honeymoon Blues, Kindhearted Woman, Me & the Devil Blues, and others. It’s pretty startling in a way once you see how these songs are grouped.. you realise how connected the songs are, and all of a sudden learning 15 new songs becomes that much more straight forward, where before it seemed like a vacuous.. void of “oh I’ll learn those other ones eventually” (as in 5 years from now); whereas once you see that it’s a doable task, you can have it done by this weekend– it’s just a matter of learning the lyrics practically.

In terms of this one in particular, you know the drill by now– very similar moves with their own, song-specific variations that I’m sure will slowly get that much more ingrained in your fingertips.

Year of Recording
20 June 1937
Dallas, Texas
Record Label
Vocalion 04108

Now, she is a little queen of spades, and the men will not let her be
Mmm, she is the little queen of spades, and the men will not let her be
Everytime she makes a spread, hoo, fair brown, cold chill just runs all over me

I’m gon’ get me a gamblin’ woman, if it’s the last thing that I do
Hee, gon’ get me a gambling woman, if it’s the last thing that I do
Well, a man don’t need a woman, hoo, fair brown, that he got to give all his money to

Everybody say she got a mojo, now, she’s been usin’ that stuff
Mmm, everybody says she got a mojo, ’cause she been usin’ that stuff
But she got a way trimmin’ down, hoo, fair brown, and I mean it’s most too tough

Now little girl, since I am the king, baby, and you is a queen
Hoo, since I am the king baby, and you is a queen
Let’s us put our heads together, hoo, fair brown, then we can make our money green