Let Me Be Your Boss

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Here's another from Petway's library, Let Me Be Your Boss, which again is part of his 'Descension Family', the group of his songs which follow this similar form. Although these songs do repeat certain patterns, it makes for a full impression of Petway's style; that "tough as nails", callous sounding resonator, cutting, punchy strums, and aggressive single note lines.

Year of Recording
28 March 1941
Chicago, Illinois
Record Label
Bluebird B8726

Oh well baby
Honey why you been so low
Oh well baby
Tell your daddy why you been so low
You ain't seen me last night baby
Oh well, not since I've been gone

Lord she teach me in the mornin' baby
And she teach me a little before day
Lord she teach me in the mornin'
And she teach me a lil' before day
Little last word now sweet mama, could
Ya hear my baby say

I says please ma'am baby
Let me be your boss
I says please ma'am baby
Oh well let me be your boss
If you don't now sweet mama
Well you know any livin' sure thing ain't lost

I said fare you well baby
Oh mama fare you well
Yes baby
Oh mama sure done fare you well
You catch me next fall now sweet mama sittin' down
Way overhauled

Soon one mornin' now sweet mama my
Blues came fallin' down
Soon one mornin' now baby
Blues came fallin' down
I got chills now sweet mama
I believe I sure done lose my doggone mind