Hollow Log Blues



Here's another tune which reinforces the impression of Petway's aggressive and highly confident guitar style. Playing alongside his friend Tommy McClennan on bass, he again showcases his signature descending note runs and sharp strikes on the bass-side.

Standard — EADGBE
Capo Position
3rd Fret
Original Recording
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Song Lyrics

I ain’t gon’ leave you no mo’
Oh, baby
Ain’t gon’ leave you no mo’
If I do now, sweet mama
Hollow, babe you will never know

Hollow, well
Where I gonna be alone
H’at a well
Well, I ain’t gonna be here long
Said, ‘Look-a-here, now sweet mama
Since my even good girl’s been gone

Said, ‘Look-a-here, now baby
Where you stay last night?
‘Play it man, a long time will he play’
Well, baby
Honey, where’d you stay last night?
None a your business now, sweet mama
I declare you ain’t treat me right
‘No, you sho’ ain’t’

I b’lieve
I b’lieve I do change my mind
I b’lieve
I b’lieve I do change my mind
Why leave in the mo’nin, now baby?
I don’t want to leave here cryin’

When your left eye jump, partner
And your flesh begin to crawls
Hitch yo’ buggy up
When your left eye jump, partner
When your flesh begin to crawl
Bet yo’ last dollar now, partner
That woman sho’ kickin’ in yo’ doggone stall

Oh, well, oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord
Oh Lord, baby
Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord
Said, ‘Look-a-here now sweet mama
I just sink, wantin’ to be yo’ dog

Year of Recording
20 February 1942
Chicago, Illinois
Record Label
Bluebird B8987

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