High E String Exercise 1

High E String Exercise 1

6 Second Summary


Now that you’ve learned the initial notes of the 1st string, here’s an exercise to help you get used to using your newly learned notes in a more musical way.

Take things slowly and try to create the sounds from your guitar with a steady tempo. Upcoming will be one more exercise to hammer home these notes of the 1st string!

Follow Along with the Sheet Music

This course teaches using the Belwin's Guitar Method 1 book. If you'd like to have the guitar tablature (so you can hold the book in your hands and follow along by reading the sheet music), then follow this link to purchase the book: here

Practice Tips

Again, just be sure that you’re assigning your fingers to their respective frets very strictly. The 1st finger should play the 1st fret, the 2nd finger the 2nd fret, and so on.

Also, keep ensuring to use your fingertips rather than your fingerpads; it’s vital for good technique, and you’ll get rewarded for it in subsequent lessons if you keep it up!

Key Takeaways

Begin to internalize the notes of the 1st string

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