Free Again

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From Robert Pete Williams' wonderful 1960 album, Free Again, this eponymous song is featured first. Starting with the first few seconds, an immediate impression of Williams' excited energy shows, eager to tell the song's story as if you're a special audience.

Next, what's apparent is how strongly the rhythm moves you, making even statue-like people poke their heads back and forth with the beat. To add syncopation, Williams uses his wonderful right-hand picking facility, popping ghost-notes and other rhythmic beats all over the place, and giving different notes different pluck-strength and sustain. On the left-hand side, it's actually not particularly virtuosic — in fact, it's beautifully straight-forward. Simple, often minor-pentatonic, notes are pressed and released mostly throughout the mid-ranges, as Williams thunders his vocals over top.

Year of Recording
10 November 1960
Baton Rouge, LA
Record Label
Fantasy F24716