Down In the Valley



Switching gears now to the folk styles of Americana, here’s a melody called Down in the Valley, which is quite graceful.

Ensure to allow the strings to resonate, holding them for their full value, so the strings can resonate in harmony with each other; doing that, you’ll add that extra element to the melody’s treatment.

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Follow Along with the Sheet Music

This course teaches using the Belwin's Guitar Method 1 book. If you'd like to have the guitar tablature (so you can hold the book in your hands and follow along by reading the sheet music), then follow this link to purchase the book: here

Practice Tips

Be mindful of your tempo, allowing the notes to resonate for their full value

Fret the notes by placing your fingertip as close behind the fret as possible (though you can be slightly further behind if your hand stretch is limited)

Maintain proper finger-to-fret assignment (1st fret for the 1st finger, 2nd fret for the 2nd finger, and so on)

Use your fingertips rather than fingerpads

Key Takeaways

Musically apply the initial notes of the G string

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