Don’t Go Down Baby

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Although Don’t Go Down Baby is part of the Petway's 'Descension Family' (his 11 out of 14 recordings which use a Texas-style bass-line and descending single-note pentatonic lines), here, listening to the original recording, you’ll hear just a slight different, with him doing some extra bassline work intro the song. Perhaps it shows more of how Petway would casually throw in small improvisations to his songs as he’d wait to dive right into a tune.

Year of Recording
28 March 1941
Chicago, Illinois
Record Label
Bluebird B8756

My blues tripped a-really soon this mornin, baby
And it really did throw me down, yeah
My blues tripped me this mornin, baby
And it really sho' did throw me down
My baby tol' me last night, baby
'I'm gonna leaves old Greenland town'

And so don't you go, baby
'Cause you sure really worryin' me
Don't you go now, baby
'Cause you really is worryin' po' me
I leave in the mo'nin now, sweet mama
I'm goin' back to Jackson, Tennessee

She said, 'Don't go baby'
Oh baby, I believe to my soul I'm dyin'
Yes, yes, yeah
She said, 'Don't go, baby'
I believe to my soul I'm dyin'
If I ain't dyin', I'm a black man
And I believe to my, all to my soul, I'm lyin'

I's gon' go down, baby
'Cause I ain't gonna tell you even no lie
Don't go down, baby
Ain't gon' even tell you no lie
Day you quit me now, little woman
Oh an d'ats, d'ats the day you gonna die

Wouldn't mind dyin' now, baby
But I got to go by myself
Yes, yeah
Wouldn't mind dyin' now, baby
But I've got to go by myself
But I don't mind dyin' little woman
I'm gonna carry me to someone else

Oh well, dyin' is hard to me
Says, oh well, baby
Dyin' sure is hard to me
My baby told, 'You don't' dies, baby
Well, you sho' gotta have a-doggone t.b'