Can you explain the Parts of the Guitar

Can you explain the Parts of the Guitar

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I’ll first mention that, in answering that question, I won’t get into the crazy details of the guitar’s parts, like you’d hear if you were a luthier (derived from “lute”, meaning a person who fixes stringed instruments).

Great question. It’s really nice to know about the parts of the guitar, because then you’re able to speak the language of guitar way easier… on the other hand, without knowing the terms, it’s like listening into a conversation about a sport you know nothing about

If you don’t mind, I’ll talk about the parts of the guitar in the speak of the story of how the guitar and stringed instruments came about. I’ll have the story as a connecting line that hopefully helps to weave through each part of the guitar. Next to each reference of a guitar’s part, I’ll add a definitional box of each part. And after this we’ll get into how to tune the guitar, which is pretty cool. Anyways here goes! Feel free to comment below with any other questions or thoughts!

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