Ain’t You Sorry

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Mance Lipscomb’s Ain’t You Sorry is a badass ragtime tune, filled with boogie basslines and classy ornaments on top. All wrapped up in his relaxed singing that just says “no big deal.” Altogether a good tune.

The song’s main line is a nifty combination of a boogie bassline and treble sweeps dropped in between the cracks. As the song goes on, the moves take on a few different forms, but apart from the solo, once you learn the main line, the ways it gets varied are pretty non-radical.

This is one tune where slowing things down helps. One way to fast-track getting it down pat, at least slow it down where all the licks get strung together, even out of time. Then going off of that basis, it can be slowly sped up, in time then throwing in the groove, where it soon comes together.

Mance is best known perhaps for his slide work, as in Jack O’ Diamonds. He’s caught on Youtube singing that song, and he’s got that some nonchalant style, sunken eyes and a non-strained voice. Ain’t You Sorry is cool since it also shows his facility with straight fingerpicking, making him great with and without the slide. Hope you really enjoy getting this one down and part of your repertoire.

Year of Recording
November 1960
Navasota, Texas
Record Label
Arhoolie / City Hall Records — F 1001 (2012)

Ain't you sorry to your heart?
Best o'friend, you know, they got to part
Ain't you sorry, sorry that you did me wrong?

Now, me and my girl had a fallin' out
Bet you don't know what was about
She's sorry, sorry that you did me wrong

Now, go on girl, you needn't flirt
I know you done tore you underskirt1
Ain't you sorry, sorry to your heart?

Well, I'm going up North, 'tain't goin' to stay
Got a girl, chances gonna pay my way
Ain't you sorry, sorry to your heart?

Ain't you sorry, sorry to your heart?
But the best o'friend, you know, got to part
Ain't you sorry, sorry you did me wrong?