Elizabeth Cotten


Soothing and filled with plenty of nostalgic sounds, Ain't Got No Baby Now is a finger-picking gem by Elizabeth Cotten. It was first released on the LP, Folksongs and Instrumentals with Guitar, in 1958, and was Cotten's first recording session ever at the age of 65.

This song was recorded in 1958, for the Folkways Records (FG 3526) label, at its Washington, D.C. studio
To get your guitar setup,
  • tune to Standard Tuning (D G C F A D)
  • capo up to fret number
Here's the link to the original recording, and here is a link to the song tabs (which aren't perfect but hopefully help)!


About the player

Among the most feel-good songs you can ever dream to listen to are Elizabeth Cotten's flowing melodies. With a right-handed guitar flipped upside-down, she's got the same effect on anyone listening to her tunes, by how great they sound.

Her life story is quite something to; at the age of 9 she had to quit school to begin working as a domestic, through her teens she voraciously learned guitar and wrote Freight Train, she gave up the guitar at 17 to raise a daughter, and she recorded her first album at the age of 65, then she purchased a home for her daughter and her grand-children in her 70s.

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