The Easiest Way To Learn The Guitar For Beginners

The Easiest Way To Learn The Guitar For Beginners

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For many beginners, the easiest way to learn guitar is with online lesson platforms, like Jam Play or Guitar Tricks, which are more convenient and affordable than traditional, in-person lessons.

In a more ideal world, you’d probably want to coordinate and schedule lessons with an in-person guitar teacher, much like you would with a personal trainer at the gym. Although most experienced players would strongly recommend this method to truly learn lots in a shorter time period, it’s not feasible for many people on a long-term basis.

In that case, learning guitar online is a more adaptable alternative, plus you save lots of money (since weekly in-person lessons are probably going to cost about $200 per month). For a more detailed look at how this all works, check out this lesson article below.


the easy method for learning guitar

If you’ve already started to learn the guitar, or even if you’re just starting to look into doing so, you’ve probably realized that learning an instrument is a challenge.

Unfortunately, this is a fact of life.

We musicians face a mighty task when we set about learning a new instrument, and the guitar is no exception.

But, what if there was a way to make learning the guitar easier?

A way to take this mighty beast of a task and turn it into something not-so-scary, or even enjoyable?

I had that very question rolling around in my mind when I first started to learn guitar.

The answer didn’t come right away, but later I found an incredibly easy way to learn guitar that I wish I had known about sooner!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to this easy way that I’ve used to learn the guitar, as well as showing you why it’s so easy!

But first, let me explain how I got to this point.

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I Tried To Learn The Hard Way

Greg playing the guitar

I got my first guitar in college, and tried to learn from a buddy of mine.

But, we all know how that goes.

When I left college, life got busy.

The guitar was getting played less and less, until I had practically forgotten even the little that I had learned.

At the age of 40, I decided to start learning the guitar properly. So, I started taking in-person lessons.

Little did I know, this was very far from being the easiest way to learn guitar.

It Took Time And Effort, And I STILL Wasn’t Happy

My family has always taken priority for me. Which is why I was so frustrated spending time at in-person lessons that I could’ve been spending with my wife and daughters.

And since I was running my own business, my schedule was made even tighter.

I found myself every week running from work to home, changing quickly into appropriate clothes, grabbing my guitar, and running out the door again just to arrive late to a class that I still had to pay full-price for.

But even after exerting all of this effort in order to make it to those weekly lessons, I still wasn’t happy with the results.

I may have picked up a few things, but none of the several guitar teachers whom I tried seemed to get me.

None of them really understood my level of learning, or what I wanted from these lessons.

My memory isn’t what is used to be, so every week seemed like just another review of things I had already learned, but had forgotten.

I had no motivation to learn, and I wasn’t progressing.

Then Came Online Learning: The Easiest Way To Learn Guitar

For me, the turning point came when my wife first heard about online guitar lessons from a friend’s teenage son.

She practically grabbed me when I walked in the door that day, dragging me to the computer to show me what she’d found.

That very night, I called my guitar teacher and told him that I wouldn’t be coming back for any more lessons.

I had found exactly what I needed to truly progress.

For me (and I believe for most people), online learning was and is the easiest way to learn the guitar.

Keep reading, because I’m going to let you in on the secret to why online learning is so much easier!

Why am I doing this?

Because as fantastic as online guitar lessons are, so many people are still stuck in the ‘hard’ ways of learning.

And Believe Me, There Are Plenty Of Hard Ways To Learn The Guitar

I took the route of in-person lessons, and I struggled and floundered until I was about ready to give up on the guitar completely. And there are plenty of other people who share this story.

Maybe you’re one of them!

If not, you’ve probably tried purchasing books about learning guitar. Or perhaps you’ve attempted to learn guitar from YouTube videos.

Unfortunately, these methods usually end up making people frustrated, and disappointed.


Because they’re difficult!

With In-Person Lessons, You Need To Adapt To Someone Else’s Schedule

The thing I hated most about in-person lessons was the fact that they were NEVER convenient for me.

I was constantly adapting my schedule, trying to shift around work and time with my daughters in order to make time for the guitar lessons.

More than that, I was wasting time driving back and forth to the lessons: time that didn’t even count towards my progress on the guitar!

In-person lessons didn’t work for my schedule, but they also took a toll on my budget.

I was paying for every lesson, even when I arrived late, and sometimes even when something unexpected came up and I had to miss a lesson.

Books Can Only Teach You So Much

Many people truly believe that you can learn anything from a book.

And I tend to agree, to a point.

The problem is that books will only get you so far.

You see, learning from books is great for seeing how the guitar works in theory.

But for actual practice, it’s a lot slower, and quite a bit harder.

For example, it’s one thing to see and read about how to play a certain chord. But unless you hear it, how will you know if you’re playing it correctly?

Or, what about whole songs?

If you want to learn how to play whole songs, you’d either need to find a book with all of your favorite songs inside, or keep buying different books that teach different songs!

That’s not ideal for the budget either. And once again, how will you know if you’re playing it right without hearing it?

YouTube Is Great, But There’s No Structure Or Direction

Another place people turn to for guitar learning is also online, but it’s not the same as online lessons.

Trying to learn guitar with YouTube videos does have its advantages: you can learn at home, and it’s free to use.

However, everyone I’ve talked to who has tried to learn guitar with YouTube has told me the same thing:

YouTube videos are severely lacking in structure and direction.

If you’re looking for properly prepared, organized, and structured guitar lessons, there is only one place that you can find them.

Online Learning Is By Far The Easiest Method Right Now

That’s right:

There are actually fully-prepared lessons online that you can use to learn the guitar easily, and without the hassle of the methods that we mentioned above!

Online lessons give you the best features of in-person, book, and YouTube video learning, but without all of the downsides.

Personally, I tried in-person lessons, and there’s no comparison with online lessons: this method is just so much easier!

But why can I say that with such confidence?

Well, let me explain:

Good For Your Schedule, And Your Budget

With online lessons, you don’t need to worry about adapting your life to someone else’s schedule.

In-person lessons were a chaos of constantly running around and always arriving late for me.

But with online guitar lessons, I’ve been able to fit learning guitar around my schedule. It makes it so much easier for me to actually set aside the time to learn, and stay motivated!

I don’t have to worry about making myself presentable after a long day of working under the sun, driving out to the guitar teacher’s house, and later driving home. All of that wasted time has been eliminated with online lessons!

And as far as money, I’m paying just one flat fee per month that’s cheaper than what I was paying for each class with in-person lessons!

See How It Should Look, Hear How It Should Sound

The only good thing about in-person lessons is that you can watch someone play, mimic their methods, and hear how everything is supposed to sound.

With online lessons, you get all of these benefits in the comfort of your own home!

Watching the professional instructors explain to you step-by-step the process of learning guitar is almost like having a friend guiding you through this journey.

You can see exactly what you’re supposed to be doing, while also hearing it.

And you don’t need me to tell you: that’s something you can’t get from a book!

Lessons That Give You Direction And Structure

If you’ve been using YouTube videos to try and learn guitar, just stop: there is a better way!

What if you could follow a tried and tested method that would take you from learning how to hold a guitar properly all the way to playing your favorite songs without breaking a sweat?

That is exactly what online lessons provide you:

Each lesson builds on the one before it, guiding you through the process step-by-step.

You won’t find lessons that jump subjects, throw in complicated topics that are beyond your abilities, or repeat concepts that you’re already familiar with.

You are going down an easy-to-follow path that takes you directly from start to finish, no detours.

And by watching where you are in the learning process, you have even more motivation to continue!

Adapted To Your Level And Style

Online lessons are available for every level, whether it’s the first time you’ve picked up a guitar or you can already play a few songs.

And best of all, you get to choose exactly where you want to begin.

With an easy-to-understand learning process, you can pick up at the level that is specific to you as an individual, and move forward towards progress!

And if you’re only interested in learning a certain style of guitar?

Well, you can choose lessons that are specific to that style!

For example, with the Guitar Tricks program (one of my personal favorites), students move beyond the fundamentals and get to choose between three different paths: blues, country, or rock.

Once you choose your path, you’ll find lessons that are specifically tailored to the type of music that you want to learn.

Online Learning Is Easier Because It’s Fun!

Once you get rid of the frustration that the hard learning methods bring, learning guitar is actually really fun!

You can choose a time when you’re ready and feeling like making music.

You can find your own specific level, and watch (and listen) as a professional explains step-by-step how to play.

You can even get instruction that is fine-tuned to your favorite style of music!

Even if you’re an absolute beginner, you can still have fun learning the guitar. In fact, you can even start learning how to play your favorite songs in a short amount of time!

The Guitar Tricks program has a section of popular song lessons that are made easy. These video lessons are specific to beginners who want to learn their favorite songs, and they’re made to be fun!

In fact, all of these online lessons are made to be fun!

And honestly, when you’re having fun, it’s much easier to learn.

My Journey Of Learning The Guitar Would Have Been So Much Easier If I Had Started With Online Lessons

Oh how I wish that I knew back then what I know now!

If I had been able to start by going down the easy road, I know I would’ve saved myself a lot of frustration and headache.

Unfortunately, I had to go through the experience of nearly giving up on the guitar before I found the easiest way to learn.

But there is one silver lining to this: Now that I’ve done it, I’m here to warn you not to do what I did!

Don’t Make The Same Mistakes I Did: Start Online Lessons With Guitar Tricks Today!

Guitar Tricks Logo

Starting online lessons is as easy as signing up for a free trial of Guitar Tricks.

Yes, it really is that simple!

Guitar Tricks is one of the most popular guitar learning websites right now, and it’s one that me, Steve, and Reggie all highly recommend. It’s our top pick for beginners!

You’ll be able to follow the specially designed Core Learning System and get from beginner to expert in no time at all.

You’ll watch videos of true professionals teaching you step-by-step how to play the guitar.

You’ll learn the songs you love, made easier to play just for you!

You’ll find specific instruction based on your level and style.

And you can try all of this for free by clicking the button below.

So, don’t make the same mistakes I did:

Try the easiest way to learn guitar today, for free!

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