How To Learn Guitar Fast – Secret To Learning 12x Faster

How To Learn Guitar Fast – Secret To Learning 12x Faster

6 Second Summary

To learn guitar faster, it’s vital to breakdown what that means in a more vivid light. Learning guitar faster depends on 3 factors: (1) your learning goal, (2) your roadmap to get there, and (3) how diligently you plod along that roadmap.

For example, if you can redefine your goal from the overwhelmingly open-ended idea of learning guitar (which could mean playing guitar as well as Andres Segovia) to “learning the opening riff on Smells Like Teen Spirit”, that immediately means you’ll reach your goal probably 500x faster!

As far as roadmaps, this usually comes from your teachers and friends who are better at this time at guitar than you. They’ll show you paths of least resistance, “shortcuts”, and ways you can overcome roadblocks faster. In this article, you’ll find out about how — especially for busy people — getting your learning roadmaps from an online learning platform, can potentially help you navigate your way to your learning goal within the hurricane “busy-ness” of everyday life, since you’re less tied down to more commital in-person lessons. It’s of course different for everyone, but, if getting your roadmap is better through online lessons vs. in-person lesson for you, it’s definitely worth exploring (and more affordable).

Lastly, if you diligently practice on a consistent basis, it’s almost immeasurable how much faster you’ll learn, because it’s the difference between you reaching your goal within 6 months, versus not at all, which is technically infinitely faster! That’s less so the topic at hand here, but still important in breaking down how to learn quickly.


Life can suck away all of our time.

How To Learn Guitar Fast - Secret To Learning 12x Faster

It’s easy to say:

“I want to learn guitar!”

But, after months of effort and insignificant results, it’s just as easy to get discouraged and give up.

Life starts to crowd back in, and learning the guitar gets sent to the back burner.

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to learn guitar fast?

I used to wonder that as well.

That is, until I found a secret tool that made learning the guitar a breeze.

I used this to learn the guitar faster, and you can too!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to this fantastic tool to learn the guitar fast, and show you how I used it to learn the guitar in just 1 month!

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1 Month After Using This Method To Learn Guitar, I Could Play My 3 Favorite Songs

“Hey Greg!”

“We heard you’ve been learning the guitar.”

“Why don’t you play something for us?”

I will never forget that moment.

Greg playing the guitar

In May, I started learning the guitar with the method described below.

Around the beginning of June, my wife and I invited some friends to our house. After dinner, we were relaxing in the living room when the subject of music came up.

Someone noticed my guitar sitting placidly in the corner, on display for all to see. And then one of our friends said the words I quoted above.

No one had asked me to play the guitar since college. And back then, I could barely eek out one song. I had never been able to play smoothly.

For the 20 years that I had owned a guitar, I had never felt comfortable playing in front of others.

But after just 1 month using this secret tool for guitar learners, all of that had changed.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let me tell you how I got to this point.

With In-Person Lessons, I Was On The Slow Road To Nowhere

While I had played around with the guitar in college, I was never an avid player, and I had never truly played well.

The guitar was a stress reliever for me.

However, as the years passed and my time was taken up by my growing family and my landscaping business, I started to lose the little that I had learned.

When I started in-person lessons in my 40’s, I thought that this was my way to finally learn how to play the guitar.

I was excited to start playing songs, to really develop my skills on this instrument that I had always loved.

However, the results were less than impressive.

I switched between different guitar teachers, trying in vain to find one that understood me, my level, and my interests.

Throughout 1 full year, I bounced between different guitar teachers, and barely improved.

Week after week, I would have to be reminded of things I had already learned. Since I wasn’t motivated and didn’t have time to practice at home, each lesson was like a refresher course of the week before.

I was spending time and money that I didn’t have, and I wasn’t progressing.

Once I Started Online Lessons, I Was Learning Guitar Much Faster

If you’ve read my story, you’ll know that my wife found out about the secret tool I mentioned above from a friend’s son.

That secret tool is online guitar lessons.

After learning how her friend’s son had learned guitar quickly using online guitar lessons, my wife excitedly showed me the program he had used.

Immediately, I was hooked.

In short, 20-30 minute sessions, I was able to learn a new skill on the guitar. Keeping up a regular routine, I was able to learn consistently and without gaps.

Determined to make this work, I put my heart into these online lessons.

Finally, I had found a way to learn guitar that was structured and appropriate for my level.

I was spending less money, and getting more instruction.

I was finally motivated to practice, and found myself improving rapidly.

Online guitar lessons were my gateway to learning the guitar fast.

1 month after starting online lessons, I found myself in the scene I described above.

And that’s when I truly realized the power of online lessons.

I Finally Had The Confidence To Play In Front Of Others

In that room full of old friends, when I was asked to play the guitar in front of others, I no long felt nervous. I didn’t feel my palms start sweating or my heart racing.

As I picked up my guitar and sat down, I actually felt completely relaxed.

And you know what?

I played that guitar in front of my friends, and I played reasonably well. I played three of my favorite songs, and I impressed everyone pretty well.

But they were even more impressed when they heard I had only been learning guitar for one month.

“How did you do it”

What’s you’re secret?” they all wanted to know.

It’s the same secret I’m sharing with you today: Online guitar lessons.

So, Why Is Online Learning Faster Than In-Person Lessons?

In one year of in-person lessons, I still felt I was sorely lacking in my guitar skills.

But online lessons gave me the ability to learn guitar fast, saving me not only time but also money!

So, why can I say with confidence that online lessons are the secret tool to learn guitar fast?

You Can Set Your Own Schedule

With in-person lessons, the time is practically chosen for you.

You need to work around another person’s schedule and life in order to have lessons.

For me, in-person lessons were almost always at inconvenient times. More than that, I felt guilty for letting these lessons take away time that I could’ve spent with my family.

And if something came up and I couldn’t have a lesson at the schedule time?

Likely, I’d simply miss that weeks’ class, with no time to make it up another day.

With online lessons, however, all of this frustration was removed.

I set my own schedule when it comes to learning guitar, and I can pick whichever time is convenient for me.

I even take advantage of the early morning hours on the weekend, when my girls are still sleeping, to learn guitar.

With the flexibility of online lessons, I don’t need to worry about missing a class.

I can take advantage of extra time I might have during the week, and I can learn consistently without gaps.

Learning Sessions Are More Focused And Productive

Part of the time that is included with in-person lessons is spent driving to and from the class itself.

So, you’re actually spending time doing something that has nothing to do with learning the guitar!

And what about the time you spend talking with you teacher, chatting about unrelated topics? None of this adds to your progress, and is actually just wasted time!

With online lessons, each session is solely focused on learning the guitar.

The lessons are structured, and lead you through step-by-step to learn the guitar well. You won’t need to spend time looking for the right lessons, or wondering what you might learn today. You also don’t need to spend any time getting ready or driving to classes!

Instead, from the moment that you log on to the website until the moment you log off, you’re learning the guitar.

Another problem I had with in-person lessons is that I easily forgot the things I had learned.

Since I only had classes once a week, it was hard to keep what I learned in my head. Thus, I wasted time having to repeat things that I had already learned.

With online lessons, I can log on and practice anytime I want. It doesn’t have to be just once a week!

Personally, I try to practice at least 3-4 days per week, for 20-30 minutes each time.

That way, my learning sessions are always working towards my progress, and I hardly ever have to look back at things I’ve already learned.

This means the time I spend on learning guitar is spent more productively.

Lessons Are Tailored To Your Individual Needs

My guitar teachers, though good guitarists and perfectly nice people, had a common problem in trying to understand what level I was at in my playing.

Some made the lessons too difficult, which made it nearly impossible for me to remember and improve. Others made the lessons too simple, repeating ideas that I had already learned and wasting my time.

Not so with online lessons.

I use the online guitar learning programs that have everything you need, no matter what your level is.

For me, I already had some basic knowledge of the guitar. But, I was still unable to play whole songs.

Online, I easily found lessons that matched my level, and was able to start from the right point and move forward.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience, you’ll find exactly the right lessons for you and see marked improvement in your playing in no time!

With Lessons That Fit Your Specific Style, You’ll Feel Even Greater Motivation To Learn

The guitar is an instrument that is used in many different styles and genres of music.

This was another problem I had with some guitar teachers: they lacked understanding or interest in the type of music that I wanted to learn.

Each style of music, whether it’s fingerstyle, blues, jazz, rock, acoustic, or any other, has its own tricks and methods.

If your teacher doesn’t know the style of music you want to learn, your lessons are less tailored to you, and you might end up learning music that doesn’t interest you.

With guitar membership websites, I found thousands of lessons that were specific to the type of music that I wanted to learn.

I was ecstatic to learn methods and tricks that were tailored to my favorite music genre, and that made it easier to play the music I liked.

Since I was learning the music that truly interested me, I found that I had much greater motivation to learn, and that also helped me to learn guitar fast!

Online Lessons Helped Me Learn Guitar More Than 12x Faster, And They Can Do The Same For You!

In 12 months of in-person lessons, I still couldn’t play the guitar well.

However, in just 1 month of online lessons, I was able to play 3 of my favorite songs!

That means I was learning the guitar more than 12x faster with online lessons than with in-person lessons!

But I’m not the only one who has been able to do this.

In fact, there are millions of people learning guitar online with the websites that we recommend here.

And I’ll bet nearly each and every one of them is just as happy with the lessons as I am.

The best part?

All of the benefits that I mentioned above are fully available to you as well!

Ready, Set, Go! Start Learning Guitar Fast With JamPlay For Free

JamPlay Logo

The website I started using is called JamPlay, and it’s one of the best ways to learn guitar.

You’ll find thousands of lessons tailored to your specific level and style.

You’ll be able to watch and learn from over 80 professional guitar players who are at the top of their game.

Best of all, you’ll be able to learn guitar fast and watch your skills improve at a rate you never thought possible.

I learned how to play the guitar fast, and now I’m even confident playing in front of others.

And you know what?

You can do the same!

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