Best Ukulele Brands – 10 of the Top Ukulele Brands

Best Ukulele Brands – 10 of the Top Ukulele Brands

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Best Ukulele Brands

Diamond Head

Diamond Head is one of the prominent leaders in the ukulele industry market. You might’ve heard about them, or might’ve not, but they offer some of the best ukulele models for a budget price. Some of their best products are Diamond Head Mahogany Soprano, Mahogany Pineapple, Maple Soprano, and Mahogany Concert ukulele. This brand deserves its spot in the top ukulele brands without any doubt.

Diamond Head


People adore Kala and Kala’s ukuleles, and for good reason too – their catalog of products is versatile and vast. There’s something for everyone in Kala’s range. This brand offers ukuleles, ukulele gear, and ukulele bundles, all for affordable prices. One of Kala’s best products is the High-End Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele. The KA and MK series are their most famous generations of products.

Kala logo


Mahalo is one of the top ukulele manufacturers, but their catalog is not so rich. They offer a few models, but each one is great in its own right. Their most renowned products are Mahalo Ukuleles MK1PWTBR Kahiko Plus, the Mahalo Ukuleles MK1PTPP Kahiko Plus, and Mahalo Rainbow Series Soprano ukulele bundle. They are famous for being very affordable and reliable.

Mahalo logo


ADM is a versatile brand that doesn’t only deal in ukuleles – they sell tools for home improvement too. Now, speaking about their ukuleles, they offer a wide variety of cheap products, but they also offer some high-end ukulele bundles and sets. Their most famous ukulele set is the ADM Full Size Nylon String Classical Soprano Ukulele. You might have heard about them for their bathroom products, but be sure to check out their ukulele assortment.

ADM logo


Lohanu’s catalog is very thin, but they’re a good brand of ukulele manufacturers. Their most famous products are Ukulele Concert Size Bundle LU-C that includes two strap pins, an Uke Carry bag, a set of three complementary picks, the ukulele strap, a set of Italian Aquila Strings, and a digital tuner. They also sell their Clip-On Lohanu Ukulele straps for a budget price.

Lohanu logo


Luna might be one of the top ukulele companies there is. They offer a great variety of products, and they’re capable of supplying a full symphonic orchestra. They can be counted among the quality ukulele brands and the good ukulele brand companies. This is mainly because they offer products that are cheap, but they also offer some high-end instruments, like the Luna UKEPEARL, and the Luna UKE TRIBAL.

Luna logo

First Act

First Act typically deals in kids guitars, kids ukuleles, kids karaoke mics, and kids sound gear in general. They’re very affordable, and their catalog is quite big, so it’s safe to say that they’re “the” ukulele “best” brand for children and youngsters. Weightless and adorned with beautiful, child-like designs, these ukes always come at an affordable price.

First Act logo


When you mention “Donner” to a musician, the first thing that comes to mind are guitar pedals. This manufacturer is one of the top brands in guitar pedals, guitar compressors, guitar tuners, and such. Yet, they also deal with ukuleles, and it’s safe to say that they invested quite a lot of effort in their designs. Donner ukuleles are decently affordable and very durable. They excel in the field of performance.

Donner logo

CYC Music

CYC Music offers a wide range of ukulele products – from ukulele picks, over ukulele straps, to high-end premium-quality ukuleles. Their bundles and models aren’t exactly cheap, but they are the pinnacle of quality, without any doubt. If you need a premium-quality ukulele, you should check out CYC Music first – they might have something to suit you in their stock.

CYC Music logo


HawaiiUWT is one of those brands that have an eye for aesthetics. Their products are beautiful before all else, but they are also capable enough of satisfying the needs of musicians in terms of performance. They offer a wide variety of products that include Jewelry boxes, Puzzle Boxes, and high-quality ukuleles. HawaiiUWT products aren’t exactly cheap, but they’re definitely worth the cash.

HawaiiUWT logo

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The top names in the ukulele industry are here, and if anything caught your attention, google them up! We’ve provided the very basic information for every brand so as to avoid bothering you with the details like each brands founders, foundation times, and such. If you want a high-quality ukulele, we wanted to make sure that you know where to look and what to expect.

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