Best Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners – Top Picks For Older Guys

Best Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners – Top Picks For Older Guys

6 Second Summary


I’m good with technology, but I’m not great.

the best online guitar lessons

What do you expect? I’m 57 years old.

The guys that run this website with me are in the same “old guys” age group: 41 and 62.

We give Greg a bit of a hard time for being the youngest at 41!

The point is, we’re older guys, and we want to take online guitar lessons that are easy to use.

I’ve been frustrated with in-person lessons. I want step by step instructions that are easy to follow.

I’m guessing you’re with me on this.

So if you’re looking for the best online guitar lessons for older guys, then read on!

And if you’re a spring chicken, just think: If I can learn from these lessons, you should have no problem!

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5 Simple Reason Why You Should Trust Our Recommendations

This website is currently run by 3 middle aged men:

I’m Steve, and we have Reggie, and Greg.

We teamed up and put this resource together because these were some of the things we had in common.

See how many you can relate to:

  • We are middle aged men with families and tighter budgets
  • We have been very frustrated with in-person lessons
  • We wanted an easy to follow solution to learning the guitar
  • We wanted to play more often like the good old days in college
  • We all had extremely quick results with the right online lessons

Even if you can relate to just 1 of these points, I think our recommendations below can be useful.

What Does Learning Online REALLY Mean?

The concept of online learning is quite simple:

You take lessons which are hosted on the Internet.

These are video lessons which are pre-recorded, which you watch online, or download. They can also be broadcasted live (Live Lessons).

But underneath the whole online learning concept is a step-by-step method. Complete one lesson, and move on to the next.

Here’s a diagram which highlights the broad approach:

formula for online guitar lessons

A huge advantage to the types of lessons we recommend is that they all build from one lesson to the next.

This might seem like a standard thing, however in the world of the Internet, it’s not always the case.

Botton line:

We recommend learning with lessons which are designed to help you progress one foot after the other.

One of the dangers that we’ve all experienced with other types of online lessons, is that you can easily find yourself jumping around from one video to the next. This leads to a lot of frustration.

  • We recommend websites which are designed to eliminate frustration, confusion, and time wasting.
  • The websites we use offer lessons which are easy to use, and provide the quickest results possible.
  • Save a ton of money through affordable memberships, or purchase and download inexpensive courses.

The Online Guitar Lesson Websites For Beginners That We Have Had Success With

Making the smart decision to learn the guitar online is only half the battle.

Now you need to find the proper program and lessons.

We have found that there are really only 3 websites worth considering at this time:

JamPlay Logo
Guitar Tricks Logo

Now, here’s a question I get ALL the time:

“But Steve, there are way more programs than just these 3. Why don’t you recommend other lessons?”

I know there are more options.

Me, Reggie and Greg have probably tried them all. And yes, some might be pretty good.

But all 3 of us agree that:

You will not find lessons which are as easy to use, offer more value for money, and provide the same quality of instruction as you will with our 3 recommendations.

That’s what we truly believe.

A Quick Look At Why So Many Guys Love JamPlay

JamPlay Logo

JamPlay is a great website for beginners and advanced players.

Where it really stands out is with Live Lessons, and Archived Courses:

JamPlay’s guitar teachers are constantly producing high level courses which can take your guitar playing to the next level. They have all the standard beginner lessons, but they do an amazing job and producing really unique lessons.

They have a great community feel, and depending on your schedule, you might be able to access their Live Lessons where you can ask questions in real time.

They have the standard lessons for beginners, but they really shine for those who are looking to break away from the boring same old stuff.

Insider Tip: JamPlay has a 7 day free trial you can get started with right now.

Visit and get started for free >> Click Here

Revealing Why Millions Of People Use Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks Logo

If you’re a beginner, or you want access to the best song lessons, Guitar Tricks is recommended.

Guitar Tricks has one of the best programs for pure beginners.

Their Core Learning System takes you step-by-step through their lessons:

The reason we recommend this to beginners is because there are so few distractions. They have a single “path” that you learn with, which produces really great results.

You can certainly check out all the material anyway you want, but as a beginner, they lay out the lessons really well.

And did I mention song lessons…

For those who eventually want to play their favorite songs, Guitar Tricks is by far the best choice.

I believe they have the largest selection of song lessons on the internet.

Insider Tip: Guitar Tricks has a 14 day free trial you can get started with right now.

Visit and get started for free >> Click Here

What Makes TrueFire Different

TrueFire logo

TrueFire has the largest selection of online video lessons for guitarists of all skills levels.

They recently updated their courses for beginners, which is a big improvement.

You can now take their Learning Paths which are designed for players who are just starting out.

TrueFire sets itself apart with their huge library of courses created by hundreds of amazing teachers.

They have courses on practically every guitar topic except specific songs. If you want lessons on specific songs, stick with Guitar Tricks.

TrueFire is a bit different in the way they sell their lessons. You can either sign up for a membership account, which is what Guitar Tricks and JamPlay have, but you can also buy individual courses for a one time purchase.

For this reason, more advanced players might enjoy searching their library for a specific guitar course that they buy and download.

Insider Tip: TrueFire has a 30 day free trial you can get started with right now.

Visit and get started for free >> Click Here

Why Reggie Stuck With JamPlay

Reggie playing the guitar

Reggie is a bit more advanced than me.

When he retired from work, he spent a long time getting his guitar skills back to what they once were. Supposedly he played in a band back in college, however I’m still bugging him for some pictures and real proof!

But in all honestly, Reggie did have some experience before finding online lessons.

However once he found JamPlay, it took his guitar to the next level.

Because Reggie is retired, he not only has more time to improve, but he also has a more flexible schedule which can take advantage of JamPlay’s Live Lessons, as well as the Live Question and Answer sessions.

Why I Use Guitar Tricks

Steve playing guitar

When I stopped making excuses and finally committed to learning the guitar, I began with in-person lessons.

I had a really bad experience, which you can read about here.

When I finally found online lessons, I decided to forget everything I knew, and really start from scratch.

So I labeled myself as a pure beginner, and was in search of the easiest guitar learning system to use.

I found Guitar Tricks and I’ve been extremely impressed. Their Core Learning System is so damn simple to use, and I love it.

Why Greg Uses TrueFire

Greg playing the guitar

When a decision is really hard to make, it’s sometimes easier to just flip a coin.

Think about it:

You’ll probably waste time trying to decide, and at the end of the day, there probably isn’t a better choice for most people.

That’s really how I feel about all these websites: JamPlay, Guitar Tricks and TrueFire:

They’re all really really good, and you won’t make a mistake choosing one or the other.

But Greg took that to a whole new level:

He uses all 3 websites from time to time!

I think he leans a bit more towards JamPlay, which he explains in his story, however he really likes what each of them offers, and still finds it beneficial to use them all.

Because Greg has now moved beyond a beginner level, he finds the variety or different courses at TrueFire to meet his needs.

He’s out of the pure beginner stage, and can take advantage of some more advanced courses which TrueFire offers.

How To Get FREE Access To These Lessons In Under 2 Minutes!

The best part about all these websites is that they offer Free Trials.

What this means, is that you can click the links below, and simply create a free account.

All you need to do is sign up with your email.

You will then get FREE access to these websites for a trial period. This allows you to test the lessons out to see if you like them.

Get started with the links below:

P.S: Try them all if you want, and see which one you like best!

Hope this helps!

JamPlay Logo

Visit and start your free trial >> Click Here

Guitar Tricks logo

Visit and start your free trial >> Click Here

TrueFire logo

Visit and start your free trial >> Click Here

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