Best Book to Learn Guitar

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October 11, 2022
Best Book to Learn Guitar

6 Second Summary

If you're an absolute beginner and want to find the best book to learn guitar, know that the Belwin's 21st Century Guitar Method is easily in the Top 5! Ideally, you'd work through the book under the watchful eye of an in-person teacher, who can point out which pages are crucial and which pages are skippable, but you can also go through it on your own.

What makes it a great method book? Well, it begins by teaching the individual strings (one after another), and then teaches you the chords; whereas, a lot of alternative books teach multiple strings or chords right away, which can obscure the focus which might be needed at early stages upon individual strings.

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Why learn guitar with a book?

Like steam-engine trains, or horse-drawn carriages, physical books are weird and old. So why use them to learn guitar? Well, despite being old, nothing packs an informational punch quite like books, even still. The real-world implication is that you can spend $15, or even $50, on a guitar method book, which is pennies when you consider that it contains the equivalent information of 10+ private guitar lessons with an in-person teacher; though, that's with one caveat — that you're able to stay self-motivated throughout the book, without quitting, which beyond a doubt is tricky to do!

That's why the 2nd reason for using a guitar method book to learn the instrument still makes books useful. That is, books are still useful references and guides which can supplement online lessons and/or in-person lessons. Typically, in-person teachers will suggest a method book, out of which they'll brew up lesson plans for you. Their mindset is (fairly): why reinvent the wheel, when great roadmaps for learning beginner guitar have already been carved out? Books don't render in-person teachers obsolete; instead, they can then focus their whole attention on your way of sitting with the guitar, fretting notes, picking strings, and so on, since the lesson path is mapped out by the book.

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What makes the Belwin's Guitar Book good?

There are, undoubtedly, tons of guitar method books which you'll find with the simplest Amazon search, which will be net benefits to your guitar learning. But the one which will be featured here is the 21st Century Belwin's Guitar Method book. The reason is that its chosen way of progressing through the early learning stages of guitar is: (1) quite logical, (2) well presented, and (3) very compatible with learning alongside a teacher.

What makes this book very logical is how it begins by teaching one string at a time! Oftentimes, books and even online courses begin by teaching chords, or skip to starting with multiple strings; however, this Belwin's book starts from the basic foundation of a single string, which helps to ingrain how each string is almost symmetrical in certain ways to each other, and then cumulatively builds upon that foundation, adding string after string, finalizing into chord learning.

Next, it's quite well presented information. At first, you do learn some musical notation reading, which (in its early stages) is kind of easier than using tabs, and the book does a good job of plainly explaining how it works, even without a prior understanding of music. Next, it presents tabs for the songs, so you have 2 ways of reading the music. Also, as a bonus the song selection is quite nice, since you learn many classics which are already in your ear (so it's just a matter of connecting your ear to the guitar, via physical technique), such as We Three Kings of Orient Are, When the Saints Go Marching In, and House of the Rising Sun.

Finally, it's a good book for learning alongside a teacher, since oftentimes the songs will have accompanying lines which you can duet with your guitar teacher, or more advanced friend.

What can I expect to accomplish by completing the book?

By the end of working through the Belwin's book, you should be at the stage where you can search for your favorite songs online, such as Stand By Me, About a Girl, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Hotel California, and strum through the chord progressions of those songs. It's likely that it'll still be tough to do that, but at least you'll probably be able to at least struggle through those songs, which means it's only a matter of repititions until they sound smooth. So, in other words, you'll have the foundational knowledge to hopefully start pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps, knowing the absolute essentials of the guitar, so you can do things like self-learn more easily online, and understand the next phase of intermediate learning on your to dos.

Where can I snag a copy of this book?

You can probably find this book at your nearest guitar store; if that's the way you do it, just call ahead to see if they've got it. Also, being the behemoth oligarch that it is, Amazon also sells the book, though the shipping times can be a bit long, depending on your timing of the year of buying. If you'd like more opinions on the book, you can tap the link below to explore it for yourself more. Also, if you purchase from the following links, you'll help this site out since we'll earn a 1% commission on the sale. Though, know that this book recommendation isn't too biased, since this is our actual guitar learning book suggestion, and then we went to scour the web for an Amazon storefront for it.

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