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From Total Beginner to Mary Had a Little Lamb

Go from never having played a guitar, to learning Mary Had A Little Lamb; it's all in this fast guitar lesson guide. Won't take more than a few hours!

How to Tune a Guitar

You'll learn 3 ways of how to tune a guitar, in this lesson article. Plus, discover the background of guitar tunings, and how there are many tunings available.

Guitar Part Names

View a complete glossary of guitar part names, alongside descriptions, with this in-depth article. Discover the anatomy of the guitar, to become a more complete guitarist.

How to Hold a Guitar

Learn several ways in which guitar masters have held the guitar, over the years. Plus, figure out the way you should hold the guitar as a beginner guitar learner.

Best Way to Learn Guitar Quickly

Are you following these 20 best ways to learn guitar quickly? Fast and easy, get: (a) answers to beginner guitar FAQs, and (b) 20 essential guitar learning tips!




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