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Best Way to Learn Guitar Quickly Online

Wondering what's the best way to learn guitar quickly for you? It really isn't impossible to start plucking away in less than one day. In this fast read, you'll get:

  • An answer to "what is the best way to learn guitar?"
  • Reviews & free trials to 3 top guitar courses
  • 22 beginner guitar lessons with videos & sheet music
  • 12 frequently asked questions about learning guitar

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Last Updated: 2 October 2022

What Is the Best Way to Learn Guitar (For You)?

All Ways, Always
maxim /ȯl ˈwāz ȯl-wēz/
"Always using all the ways available to you"

Who doesn't love old truisms like this: "all ways, always". Why not cling to a bundle of strings, rather than just one?

Learning guitar isn't so different from learning a new language. Literally all of us learn languages at the speed of thousand-pound tortoises, after the age of ten, compared to before. The thesis here is that your learning was fastest around then, in part because you learned language around those younger years using a "bundle of strings" and not just one; school-teachers, talking to family, reading books, telling your own stories. By using all ways available to you, you learned at light speeds! Compare that to adults, usually limiting themselves to one way of learning, such as only using Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish.

To learn guitar fastest, the best way to learn guitar is to use all the ways available to you. Every way, or method, you try can give different pieces of knowledge. You can also lean into the ways of learning guitar that work best for you in different times of your life as time goes by.

Guitar Teachers
Scour the local classifieds and nearby guitar studios for a private teacher who can guide you. Why not even try direct messaging a guitar influencer on Instagram, asking for a Zoom lesson?
Online & Written Content
Visit Youtube, or other online guitar courses, for endless hours of beginner guitar lessons. You can also try old school routes like magazines and method books from the guitar shop.
Friends & Family
- Others you know who play guitar
- Other online learners on Reddit, Guitar Tricks and other forums

Know others who play the guitar? Maybe they can give you a hand with some new tips and licks.
Listening and Watching
- Going to live concerts
- Watching guitarists online
- Listening to recordings

Reviews of the 3 Top Guitar Courses

guitar tricks logo
Guitar Tricks

With Guitar Tricks, beginners start with assigned lessons, with one course being the focus. After that "boot camp" you can move into intermediate lessons, learn songs, or learn different styles.

online guitar lessons from guitar tricks
jamplay guitar logo

Fancy the idea of feeling like you're in a fever-dream of endless guitar lessons? JamPlay is like Netflix for guitar, where you select from multitudes of full courses by different guitar teachers, organized well for beginners with tons of options.

screenshot of jamplay guitar course
fender play guitar lessons logo
Fender Play

With Fender Play, it's like Pokemon where you choose your (guitar) player first and then get started. Whether it's the blues, jazz, or pop route, among others, they start you through their newly created Fender beginner guitar boot-camp first.

online guitar lessons on fender play
  • Support Hours: Monday-Friday, 12:00pm-8:00pm ET
  • Monthly cost: $20 per month
  • Is there a free version: Yes, Guitar Tricks has a basic version with beginner lessons that is free (and doesn't require a credit card)

One nice thing about Guitar Tricks is that it makes the decisions for you. Once you sign up, you're assigned one beginner guitar course, like a quick guitar boot camp.After that "basic training", you choose where your next checkpoint is, whether it's country guitar, songwriting, theory, covers.The aged forum is a nice "mirror on the wall. No matter the finger-stumper, chances are 17 others have experienced the same thing and found answers there. Guitar Tricks has a 14 day free trial.

Credit Card Needed?
Up-front payment needed?
60 Days
to cancel/refund with no charge
  • Support Hours: Monday-Friday, 10:30am-7:30pm ET
  • Monthly cost: $20 per month
  • Is there a free version: No, there is only the $20-per-month paid plan. However, you have 30 days to redeem a refund if you're not satisfied

JamPlay is a haystack of content, and you are the needle..

Where Guitar Tricks is for people who like decisions made for them (as long as they're pretty good) JamPlay is for people who want 19 ways of skinnin' the guitar cat, not just one.

It’s got double-digits of beginner guitar courses, and it's just as dense with intermediate and advanced lessons. To change teachers, you can just change courses but stay inside JamPlay.

There are live guitar seminars you can Zoom into every day as well. You can chat with the instructors in the lesson meetings. JamPlay has a 30-day free trial.

Credit Card Needed?
Up-front payment needed?
30 Days
to cancel/refund with no charge
  • Email:
  • Phone:
  • Support Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00pm-5:00pm ET
  • Monthly cost: $10 per month
  • Is there a free version: Yes, there's a 14-day free trial, and you're not charged until the first billing date in 14 days

With Fender Play, you choose an avatar, blues guitarist, folk guitarist - there are handful of options. It pushes all avatars through the same beginner course, and then branches out into the different styles. It’s like Guitar Tricks, but without the "silver back". (That’s both a pro and a con.)

Fender Play has a 30 day free trial. The pro version of Fender Play is cheaper than Guitar Tricks and JamPlay.

Credit Card Needed?
Up-front payment needed?
14 Days
to cancel/refund with no charge

Frequently Asked Questions

Private Guitar Lessons

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Free Guitar Lessons

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Beginner Guitar Course

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Summary: Try the Learn Guitars: Beginner Guitar Course, which is 100% free!