The electric guitar is a wonderful instrument for starting out your journey into the world of music.

However, if you, or that special person you’re getting the guitar for, isn’t quite sure if it’s their thing, spending a lot of money on everything you need to start may turn out to be a bad idea.

Lucky for you, there are some great bundles online which include an amp as well as a gig bag alongside an electric guitar.

But here’s the kicker:

Not all packs are worth the money. Finding the right one can be very hard.

That’s why I’ve decided to write an article explaining the most important specs and features, as well as list a few of the best guitar packs with amps and gig bags on the market!

Top 5 Electric Guitar Starter Kits and Packs

1. Best Choice Products – Electric Guitar Starter Pack
2.PylePro Electric Guitar Package
3.Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Package
4.Ibanez IJRG220Z
5.Yamaha Gigmaker EG Guitar Pack

Why Get an Electric Guitar Pack?

As I’ve already stated, guitar packs make for an easy and convenient start for anyone looking to take up playing an electric guitar.

They’re inexpensive, ready to be used out of the box, and are a great gift as well.

Trying to match a guitar with an amp is not only time-consuming and hard if you’re not really familiar with instruments, but can get pretty expensive quite quickly.

So, a guitar pack has everything a beginner guitarist might need to start playing right away, at an affordable price.

What to Look For – A Balance Between the Quality of the Guitar and Amp

Musical instruments come in all shapes and sizes, and with very different price tags.

It’s pretty obvious that, if you’re looking for the best quality, you need to spend quite a bit of money.

However, in this case, you don’t really have much of a choice. Guitar packs tend to be pretty affordable, and because of that, some corners have to be cut.

Pretty much any kind of gig bag you get should do the job, as long as it’s made good enough so it doesn’t rip and tear too fast.

So, basically, we’re looking at the quality of the guitar and amp.

While finding a guitar pack that offers a great guitar and amp isn’t that easy, it’s not always impossible.

Personally, I find the quality of the guitar to be much more important than the quality of the amp.

  • Forget Tonewood Types, Get a Guitar That Looks Comfortable and Attractive!

As choice is pretty limited, and guitars that come as part of a pack generally use relatively cheap types of wood.

What’s most important is that the guitar isn’t too big or small, and that you, or whoever it’s for finds it pretty good looking.

Pickups are generally pretty basic, but, if you do have a choice, a combination of humbuckers and single-coils should give you the highest level of versatility.

  • What About the Amp?

As a beginner, the actual sound of the amp shouldn’t be an important factor.

Most amps that are included in packs are powerful enough for practice sessions, and offer a clean and overdrive/distortion channel, so you’ll be able to play anything you want.

A headphone jack is a handy feature, as it allows you to play whenever you want while not bothering your neighbors.

So, with all of this in mind, let’s take a closer look at my pick of the top guitar kits and bundles!

Reviews of the Best Electric Guitar Packs (Amps and Gig Bags Included)

  • Best Choice Products – Electric Guitar Starter Pack


Best Choice Products, or BCP, isn’t a company that makes musical instruments exclusively.

However, their starter pack is a dirt cheap yet effective bundle that’s perfect for anyone looking for a sneak peek into the world of electric guitars.

For just under $100 retail, you’ll be getting an electric guitar, an amp, a gig bag, as well as a strap, cable, pick, and some extra strings. You’re pretty much covered, and can start playing right away!

The Strat-design guitar is pretty basic but surprisingly comfortable. The 3 single coil pickups may not be as versatile as a humbucker/single coil setup, but the guitar sounds bright and pretty clear.

The whammy bar and tremolo bridge allow for some extra fun while playing, just don’t force it too much, as it will get out of tune.

With a 10W amp, you can practice at home or even jam out with a friend or two. The controls are basic as well, including volume, bass, and treble, and there is a headphone output for making those late night sessions quiet.


  • Comfortable guitar
  • The amp is loud enough
  • Gig bag feels solid
  • Overall good value for absolute beginners


  • No room for versatility
  • Mediocre quality

So, if you want to spend as little as possible, definitely consider this starter pack.

View The Full Specs On Amazon >> Click Here


  • PylePro Electric Guitar Package


At number 2, we have the package from Pyle. This is also a brand that’s not known for making only musical instruments, but this package definitely deserves attention.

For the price, this is a great starting point.

The guitar, once again, is pretty plain looking, but that shouldn’t be a dealbreaker for most beginners. It’s lightweight, and the double cutaway design makes for an easy reach of those last few frets. The single-coil pickup layout allows for some versatility, and the sound is good. Average, but still pretty good. This guitar also has a tremolo bridge for those vibratos!

The amp is somewhat better than the one in the previous bundle, with pretty much the same controls. You get 10W of power, more than enough for practicing at home. The overall sound is great, without any noticeable degradation at higher volume levels.


  • The pack includes a strap, strings, cable, and picks
  • A couple of different color choices for the guitar
  • Lightweight and easy to play, Strat- design


  • String noise can be present
  • Gets out of tune fairly quick

While there certainly are some cons present, overall, the PylePro option here is slightly better than the bundle I previously mentioned.

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  • Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Package


Finally, a guitar pack coming from a known music instrument brand!

The Epiphone Les Paul Pack manages to cram that unique build and sound quality in a pack that’s just around $200.

The guitar is an LTD LP Special II, which sports the classic Les Paul look and feel. The quality level is at a noticeably higher level, with everything including the tuners, frets, and each detail carefully crafted and machined.

With a pair of humbuckers, a 650R and 700T, you can count on a clear and natural sound, with as little noise possible. Going from a sweet clean tone to an aggressive distorted one is pretty easy, and makes this guitar really versatile when it comes to different genres.

The guitar itself is worth the money of the whole pack in my opinion, and yet you get an amp, gig bag, as well as a couple of extra useful things. The amp is a 10W one as well and complements the guitar quite nicely.


  • The guitar feels and plays much better than the previously mentioned ones
  • Amp includes an aux input and headphone output
  • Gig bag and other accessories feel solid
  • Much more value for slightly more money


  • The amp sometimes makes buzzing noises

Going with the Epiphone bundle is a great idea if you’re not on a strictly tight budget.

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  • Ibanez IJRG220Z


Ibanez is known for making a very wide range of musical instruments, especially in terms of catering to the needs of both beginners and professionals. Their IJRG220Z electric guitar pack provides excellent value, with the guitar offering much more than the ones found in most other packs.

The Superstrat-style Gio RG guitar is simply levels above the competition. Focusing mostly on hard rock and metal, the two Ibanez humbucker pickups make for a seriously heavy sound. As expected, the tremolo bridge adds to the fun but can detune the guitar if forced too much.

10W in terms of amp power seems to be the norm in most guitar packs, and this one is no exception. The controls are pretty simple, ranging from volume to bass and treble, but the overall experience is quite nice. The gig bag feels durable, and the included strap, cable, tuner, picks, and accessory pouch make for a well-rounded pack.


  • Great choice for rock, metal, and other heavy genres
  • Attention to detail and build quality are above average
  • Small yet a pretty good sounding amp


  • The amp could be a bit louder

Ibanez manages to deliver great quality at a pretty decent price point. This guitar pack is a great choice for anyone looking for a heavier sound.

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  • Yamaha Gigmaker EG Guitar Pack


And finally, at number 5, we have an amazing pack from Yamaha. Much like Ibanez, this company is known for making great sounding entry-level guitars as well.

The Yamaha Pacifica 012 you get in this pack is probably one of my all-time favorites when it comes to beginner electric guitars. It’s so inexpensive, yet offers a great environment for newbies to learn on.

The bridge pickup is a humbucker, while the neck and middle are single-coil. In terms of versatility, this guitar is your best bet.

Even the amp you get in this bundle is a step ahead of the others. With 15W, you can even count on doing smaller gigs, with practice and jam sessions with your friends definitely being covered. With a 3-band EQ as well as separate gain controls for the 2 channels, you get much more room for shaping your own unique tone.

The gig bag that’s included feels a bit thicker than the others, and the rest of the accessories make for a neat and complete guitar pack.


  • Probably the best guitar for beginners
  • Great versatility due to the pickup layout
  • A more powerful amp with more room for shaping the sound
  • Overall great value


  • May require additional setup out of the box

All things considered, the Gigmaker EG guitar pack by Yamaha is probably the best bundle you can get!

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Conclusion - Which Guitar Kit is Recommend?

So, we’ve seen some of the top options available right now.

Sure, if you’re on a really tight budget, going with the least expensive one may be your best option.

However, if you’re looking for the best balance between quality of the guitar, amp, and price, I would suggest getting the Gigmaker EG guitar pack by Yamaha.

The guitar is not only lightweight and amazingly comfortable to play, but it's also versatile enough to cover pretty much any genre of music you might want to play. The slightly more powerful amp gives you the ability to play smaller gigs with your friends, and the additional controls make shaping your sound a piece of cake.

This is definitely the top pick!

Check On Amazon > Click HereRead More Customer Reviews

An electric guitar pack, especially the ones that include an amp, bag, and other useful accessories is a great gift for anyone looking to explore the world of instruments.

I truly hope you found this article useful and that it helped you find the right pack for your needs or the needs of that special someone you plan on getting it for.

As always, thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you in the next one!


Steve Brown
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