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The Vision for Learn Guitars

You’re visiting what’ll soon hopefully be a beautifully informed beginner guitar course, which is affordably accessible to all.

Especially with the advent of paid ads, subscription payments, and the overall corporatization of the internet since about 2014, there’s grown to be torrents of either misinformation or low quality information, with systemic conflicts of interest between providing valid information, and earning revenue.

That’s certainly been the case with the field of online guitar teaching as well, since that time of about 2012 to 2015, or thereabouts. For example, if you’d just like to search up the best amps for a Stratocaster, the search results are polluted with Top 10 listicles, each delivering highly uncritical knowledge, often duplicates of each other, greedily prioritizing that users click their affiliated links rather than provide them thoughtful value. As someone who hopes there’s at least some sanctity and worthiness of not shitting where you eat when it comes to music and guitars, that’s frankly where Learn Guitars sprouts from.

The real vision is that, within 10 years, there are fresh, totally democratic, and egalitarian ways on the internet to learn guitar (or other skills), prioritizing the spreading of quality information at a more than fair price, over that of short term revenues.

The Current Mission

With that ideal vision in mind, the goal is for Learn Guitars is to be the site to fill that void, out of which, by providing economical access to good, unbiased information (which low income and high income earners alike can afford), the global health and therefore development of the guitar will be enhanced for the coming years.

How It’s Done Here

Via the Learn Guitars course, in how the lessons are built and the entire lesson roadmap as a whole, the ideological underpinnings to the site are those of anti-misinformation and anti-corporatization. Your lessons should be easily accessible, at extremely low cost, and delivered with passionate care from a real human being who’s at least fairly present to celebrate your progressions and victories with the guitar.

Who’s the Site Creator?

My name’s Mitchell Park. I’m a Korean-Canadian, living in Western Canada, who, similar to you, has always felt a sort of affinity to music and guitar. Over the past 10 years or so, I’ve focused on teaching delta blues guitar, making long-form video lessons to help demystify the playing of that genre’s techniques and sounds. Now, with Learn Guitars, the hope is to similarly contribute in shedding light upon learning guitar from scratch.

Interested In Private Guitar Lessons?

Now, so you know it’s always available for you, in case you’re interested in private guitar lessons, which really are the best way to learn guitar, I’d be thrilled to chat with you on a free 15min video call. We can discuss what your goals are, and see if there’s some potential for learning compatibility between the two of us. 

In case you’re interested in private lessons, please see these testimonials from my Youtube Channel, delta blues guitar course, and past private students, providing their feedback on my teaching styles. Hopefully they give you a sense that I care deeply for your rapid and qualified progression on the guitar.

As far as the 15 minute video call where we can chat about your goals with the guitar, know that it’s free of charge, with no pressure to get lessons. Click here to book that free 15min consult call in case you’re interested in lessons.

Thanks for Visiting the Site

Thanks so much for taking the time to see the wider context of this Learn Guitars project! If you have any questions, comments, or feedback at all, feel free to message me on learnguitars.com/contact, and I’ll try to aim to reply within 1 business day.

Kind regards,