There’s no shortage of guitar tutorials out there.

The internet is fully loaded with guitar-related content.

And while that seems like a good thing, it’s kind of a double-edged sword:

With so much material to choose from, it’s hard to find what actually works.

So how exactly do you sift through all the content and find the good stuff?

Well, I’m about to show you.

In just 1 month, I’ve been able to learn the guitar to a level where I can comfortably play my favourite songs and even have a jam with other musicians.

Here’s how I did it:

How A Retired Construction Foreman
Had A Guitar Breakthrough
In Just 1 Month

Reggie with guitar

My name’s Reggie, and I love the guitar.

I still remember the day I picked up my acoustic for the first time.

I was about 12 years old and was instantly hooked.

Since then, I’ve always had a guitar in the house. In fact, I even played in a band while I was in college.

But at some point I just got too focused on my degree, and after I graduated, I got too focused on work.

Before I knew it, I had it all; a steady job as a foreman, a beautiful family, and a gorgeous house.

Every now and then I’d take the time to pick up my old 6-string and strum a few chords and try to pull off a few licks like I used to back in the day

But I just never had the time to dedicate myself to the guitar as much as I would’ve liked.

Well, that all changed just recently.

After I retired, I suddenly had all the time in the world.

With the kids in college and no job on the line, I realized I could finally pick up the guitar again.

So I did.

And, to my surprise, I still had a few solid licks and grooves under my belt, but I wasn’t able to play any songs confidently, let alone play along with someone else.

I Thought A Local Guitar Teacher
Was My Best Option

I figured I’d get lessons from a local “expert”.

You know, someone who knew their way around a guitar like I know my way around a building site.

So, at one of our Sunday night dinners I bring up the idea to the family, only to get blank stares from the kids who immediately fired back:

“Why don’t you just go online?”

“Everyone learns everything online these days.”

I was shocked.

Google, Youtube, And The Apps On My Phone
Were Making Me VERY Frustrated

I’m no stranger to the internet.

It just hadn’t crossed my mind that I could use it to learn guitar from the comfort of my own home.

I got on Google and Youtube and quickly found a ton of material. I even learned a few new tricks and songs and downloaded a guitar app for my phone.

But I soon got tired of learning this way.

The problem with most of the guitar content online is that it lacks structure.

Instead of spending time playing and learning, I was wasting time (sometimes hours) looking for the right kind of material.

The reason I was tempted to go to a teacher in the first place was to get structured lessons.

I’m a practical guy, so I like to have a plan set out in front of me where I can clearly see what steps I need to take in order to achieve what I want.

And that wasn’t what I was getting online.

Instead, I was getting frustrated to the point where I even put the guitar back down and didn’t pick it up for a number of weeks.

Then, another night at dinner, one of my kids asks:

“How’s it going with the guitar, Dad?”

So I told the family.

I told them all about how things were going great for a few days, until I started feeling overwhelmed by all the content and lack of structure online.

So one of my kids replies:

“Let me help you. I’m sure we can find something.”

That’s when we found JamPlay.

How I Got Unlimited Guitar Lessons From Professionals For A Fixed Monthly Price

JamPlay gave me everything I wanted from online guitar lessons:

I got structured material from professional guitar players, insightful and detailed lessons, and much more.

Most importantly, I got the fun back out of playing the guitar. It was like I was back in college.

Best of all, I got it all in one place:

All I had to do was sign into the JamPlay website and all the material I could ever want was right at my fingertips.

Here are some of the biggest benefits I found from learning guitar online:

  • Varied Material For Players Of All Skill Levels

Like I said earlier, I’ve played guitar on and off all my life.

While I’m no Hendrix, I was still able to hold down some basic chords and strumming patterns.

I was looking for tailored lessons that basically allowed me to pick up where I left off all those years ago.

Again, I didn’t get this on Youtube, Google, or the apps I downloaded for my phone.

The lessons were always either too basic and boring, or too advanced for me to wrap my head around.

With JamPlay, I am able to quickly and easily find lessons suited to my skill sets.

The lessons are sorted into phases and further broken down by the genre or skills they focus on.

This means that, whenever I feel like playing or learning, I can get started in less than 10 minutes.

All I have to do is log in and pick the lesson I want to work on.

No more endless searching on Google and Youtube to find a lesson that I like.

With JamPlay, all the material is right there in front of me. I just have to click on it.

  • Professional Instructors With A Gift And Passion For Teaching

When I first started learning guitar online, I’d often find myself trying to decipher a blog post from some stranger, or watching a low-quality Youtube video from a kid young enough to be my grandson.

With JamPlay, that all changed. Now I’m getting clear, reliable instructions from professional guitar teachers.

Forget all the stigma about taking lessons in some damp basement from a college kid in a Nirvana t-shirt.

All the teachers at JamPlay are very professional and have clear, easy-to-follow teaching styles that actually make you want to learn.

Plus, all the lessons are broken down in a way that’s logical and structured (remember, I’m a logical guy).

When I log into my profile, I can see exactly where I left off last time, as well as the content that’s coming up next.

I can also choose to spice things up a little by choosing a lesson from the Lick & Riff library instead of following on with the regular program without losing track of where I am.

  • It’s Fun And Easy – No More Frustration!

The best thing about JamPlay is that it made learning the guitar fun again.

When I started learning online, the hassle of finding the right material drove me to a point where I was ready to give up on learning the guitar once and for all.

In fact, there were times I didn’t pick up the guitar just because I didn’t want to spend what seemed like an eternity on Google and Youtube searching for lesson material.

With JamPlay, I can’t wait to pick up the guitar and start practicing.

Because of the structure, the fun and friendly nature of the lessons, and the quality of the material, learning through JamPlay is a breeze.

In fact, I’m probably going to start a lesson after I finish writing this!

Thousands Of Guitar Lessons, One Small Price:
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Earlier on, I claimed to get unlimited guitar lessons for a fixed monthly price.

Traditionally, guitar lessons are charged by the lesson or hour.

That means, if you’re really dedicated and want to learn more material in a short time frame, you’re expect to spend more money.

With JamPlay, that’s not the case.

By signing up to the platform you get instant access to virtually thousands of lessons that you can burn through as fast or slow as you want, all for a fixed monthly rate.

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Trust me, if I can do it, so can you.

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