Dear Friend,

I’ve been extremely frustrated with trying to learn the guitar.

From wasting money on bad teachers, to wasting time with bad information, my love of the guitar is really the only thing that kept me going.

But I finally had a major breakthrough.

I want to share with you how I was able to see such quick results in such a short amount of time.

And the best part is: It’s super fun and easy!

How I Saved $1856.73 And Actually
Got 1333% More Guitar Instruction!

Steve playing guitarMy name’s Steve.

All my life I’ve wanted to learn the guitar.

I’ve had a guitar in the house since before the kids were born, but I never picked it up.

Between raising the kids, and installing furnaces and air conditioners, my excuse was I never had the time.

My father knows how to play, my best friend was a lead guitarist in a pretty cool band, and I generally just love music.

But my excuse was I never had the time to learn.

And to be honest, I just wasn’t brave enough to give it a shot.

I told myself for years that “I’m gonna pick up that guitar on Monday…”

It never happened.

Then my daughter entered high school and signed up for a music class. She took up the ukulele.

Over the holidays that year, I asked her to play me something. In all honestly I was being a bit of a smart ass. I hadn’t heard her play at all, and was assuming that she hadn’t made any progress.

In was almost Christmas, there was a major blizzard outside, and she started playing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”.


I remember closing my eyes and dreaming I was in Hawaii!

But I wasn’t in Hawaii.

It wasn’t Israel Kamakawiwoʻole playing.

It was my daughter, and she had only been playing for 4 months!

So I asked her how the heck did she learn so fast? She looked back at me as if I was from Mars and simply said:


“Everyone learns music these days online”.

And the rest was history?…

No, not at all.

It was pretty much the complete opposite:

Enter My First And LAST Guitar Teacher:
Mr. Sadowski

I’m an old school guy, and I’m stubborn.

I’m not great with technology either.

I can get by, but I’m 57 years old. I didn’t really grow up with the internet (my son helps me with this website).

So I didn’t take my daughter’s advice right away.

But I certainly told myself that if my 14 year old daughter can play a song in a few months, then I better get my act together.

So I started taking in-person lessons with an old music teacher:

Mr. Sadowski was my first, and last in-person guitar teacher I ever had.

You know the smell of a damp basement?..

Old rotting vegetables.

That’s what Mr. Sadowski’s whole house smelt like. That, mixed with kitty litter. It was horrible.

I took a few guitar lessons with Mr. Sadowski because he lived in my neighbourhood, and I put in a new furnace for him that year.

I remember walking into his basement and seeing a wicked collection of guitars hanging on the wall.

They were sparkling from a sliver of sunshine coming through the blinds at the top of the stairs, and it was killing me not to pick one up and strum it.

It took me twice as long to fix his furnace because I was day dreaming about one day jamming out with these beautiful guitars.

He definitely knew his stuff, but every week it was harder and harder to really want to head over there for lessons.

Rushing To Guitar Lessons In A Smelly Basement Every Thursday Night At 6pm Was Not Working

The commute wasn’t too bad, but Mr. Sadowski went to bed at like 7pm, so the only time I would take lessons was right after work.

I needed to rush there every Thursday night and it was getting old.

As you can imagine this didn’t last long, and I was in need of a new plan.

I went down the road that many before me have taken:

I bought a few beginner guitar lesson books, and ordered a DVD course.

I managed to learn a few simple chords, but I was not progressing. I knew a few random riffs, but I certainly wasn’t close to being a good guitar player. My daughter could still kick my butt.

Then I stumbled on to something…

Why I Moved To Online Guitar Lessons
And How You Can Get Started For FREE

So I know you want me to explain those crazy numbers I quoted above. Let me do that here.

Like a dog who knows he’s in trouble, I returned to see my daughter with my tail in between my legs, and asked for help.

What does “learning online” really mean?

As she explained to me how online guitar lessons worked, they seemed to be the solution to all my problems.

Here’s what I discovered were the best parts for me. I think you’ll be able to relate as well:

  • Learning Guitar Online Is Fun And Easy

Let me tell you what’s not fun:

In most of the guitar learning books I came across, the first 3 chapters were all about the anatomy of the guitar.

Sure that stuff is important, but it’s boring.

I’ll admit, I haven’t read a book in years. Why would I want to learn from one now? That’s me being stubborn I guess.

But in all honestly, learning from a book is not fun.

With online video lessons, you can learn through high definition video and pick and choose what you want to learn.

If you’re into rock that’s awesome, learn some rock songs.

If country’s your thing, start learning some country strumming techniques.

Botton line:

Learning online is fun and easy, and I’m going to show you how you can try all this stuff for free!

  • Learn From A Variety Of Teachers Without Leaving Your Home

If I want to learn the guitar with in-person lessons, I’m pretty much stuck with Mr. Sadowski and his smelly house.

That’s the reality when you live in a smaller sized city in the United States. There aren’t a boatload of awesome guitar teachers around.

But online, wow you can find hundreds of teachers at your disposal. And you don’t need to leave your living room.

If you’re not loving the teaching style of one particular person, then just learn from someone else. It’s that easy.

  • Learn With Step-By-Step Lessons Which Are Designed For Your Skill Level

I’m 57 years old.

I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.

I need some guidance with this stuff or else I get frustrated.

What’s great about online learning is that there’s a path to follow. One foot after the other.

If you’re a pure beginner, then start with the basics.

If you have some experience, then jump into a section that fits you better. It’s really that easy.

  • Learn Anytime You Want So You Can Still Spend Time With Your Family

I’m a big family man.

With two kids running around, it was hard to make my Thursday night lessons.

Not only was my teacher only available until a certain time, I also had to make sure that my home schedule was clear that day.

But with online lessons it’s a totally different story.

Now I can learn whenever I want!

If I want to practice early on a Sunday morning, all I need to do is fire up my laptop and grab my guitar.

I can only imagine how useful this would have been when the kids were still at home. Get them tucked in, and practice for 20 minutes before bed.

I would have mastered this thing a long time ago!

  • Learn Online In Order To Save Money

As an HVAC technician with two kids now in college, I need to keep my budget in mind.

When I started looking at the numbers, I quickly found out that in-person lessons are expensive.

I was paying Mr. Sadowski $40 every Thursday for a 1 hour session. That’s about $160 bucks a month!

And remember, I could hardly breath in their it stunk so bad, plus I needed to hustle over there right after work. Not a great set up.

So I started to review the numbers, and compared them to online lessons.

When I pay $40 for a 1 hour lesson with Mr. Sadowski, I could actually get 60 days of unlimited access to hundreds of guitar teachers online, and thousands of lessons.

After plugging in the exact numbers, I saved $1856.73!

And it’s not like I’m paying thousands for guitar lessons online.

The cost of 3 sessions with an in-person coach gives me a full year’s worth of lessons online. Yes, read that again!

Then I compared the amount of instruction I got.

With only practicing 20 mins a day, not only do you save hundreds of dollars, but you also get way more teaching.

Dollar for dollar, you get over 1000 times more instruction from learning online.

I Finally Joined Over 1.9 Million
Guitar Players Who Are Learning Online

When I decided to start taking online guitar lessons, I found that even with this specific method there were many options.

I was lucky to stumble on a website that I really liked, but I definitely found some others that were a big waste of time.

Now I have 1 website which I use and recommend for beginners, however even to this day I still go out and review all the new programs.

As you’re reading this right now, the best option in my opinion is Guitar Tricks.

This guitar website has close to 2 million members who are learning online!

Bonus: Get Started With A FREE Trial,
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What I love best is that you can test out these guitar lessons for free!

Below is my current recommendation for learning online. I have been a member since 2016 and I still use the site every week.

If you’re reading this right now, then you can still take advantage of their free trial. This means you can test out their guitar lessons for free, to see if you like them.

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