If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you probably own a guitar.

However, we all know there is a big difference between owning a guitar, and actually being able to play it.

For almost 20 years, I was just a guitar owner.

But recently, I found a way to learn the guitar that is stress-free and fun.

With this easy-to-use method, I finally became a guitar player at the age of 41!

Today, I’d like to show you the ways that didn’t work for me, so that you can avoid my mistakes.

Then I’ll introduce you to the perfect tool that got me playing the guitar well in less than a month!

I Found A Fun And Easy Way To Learn The Guitar, And Saved $4,640.05

Greg playing the guitarMy name’s Greg, and I bought my first guitar in college.

My roommate was an avid guitarist, and promised to show me how to play.

And while he did show me a few things, he was definitely not cut out to be a guitar teacher.

Even though I couldn’t really play, I found that playing around with different notes and strumming eased the stress of exams and midterms.

After college, I still tried to keep up with the guitar, buying various books in the hopes of learning.

I’m sure you can guess what happened next.

That’s right: life happened.

I got a job, got married, started my own business, and later had two beautiful daughters who are now 5 and 8.

While juggling my landscaping business and my growing family, I was left with very little time for the guitar (or none at all).

I had found that the guitar was a type of stress reliever for me, and as the years went by, there were multiple times when I tried to pick it up again.

The same guitar that I had owned since college now sat in a closet in our house.

Every Time I Pick Up My Guitar,
I Would Have To Brush The Dust Off

And as my limited guitar skills got rustier and rustier, the guitar became even less of a stress reliever.

I talked to my wife about my desire to really learn the guitar, and, knowing how music tended to soothe me, she was on board with the idea.

So I used Google to find the nearest guitar teacher, and called him up.

Enter My Long Line Of Guitar Teachers

I don’t even remember my first guitar teacher’s name, that’s how much time I spent with him.

While he may have been the closest guitar teacher to my house, he lacked the ability to explain himself well.

I ended up just watching him play for an hour, repeatedly listening to the request, “Now, you try!”

My next guitar teacher, while he was better at explaining things, didn’t seem to understand my skill level at all.

He introduced me to music theory, but passed too quickly over actual guitar skills for me to really catch what he was saying.

I must’ve had at least 4 or 5 different guitar teachers, each one leaving me feeling as if I was still missing something.

Most worked out of their home or basement, and, while all of them could play the guitar very well, very few of them understood how to teach a structured lesson.

1 Year After Starting In-Person Lessons, I Lacked Time, Money, And The Skills I Expected To Have

Learning guitar with in-person lessons just wasn’t working for me.

I had wasted an entire year jumping from guitar teacher to guitar teacher, without finding the results that I really wanted.

Instead of being a stress reliever, the guitar was becoming a cause of stress in my life!

More than that, trying to fit my life around guitar classes was becoming impossible.

Between running my own business and caring for my family, I had very little free time.

I was spending more than an hour per work on these lessons, and that time was taking me away from my family more than I wanted it to.

Money was also becoming a problem.

At $40 per 1-hour lesson, I was using all of my extra cash for just 4 hours of instruction per month.

I needed to find another solution, but I wasn’t sure what that solution could be.

Should I go back to trying to learn from books?

Was there another way that would actually work for my schedule and my level?

How 5,613+ Online Guitar Lessons
Changed Everything For Me

My wife was invited to watch her friend’s son play guitar in a café near our house.

She went out of courtesy, but was surprised to see that the young man was actually quite an accomplished guitar player.

Curious, my wife turned to her friend and asked,

“Who did your son take lessons with?”

“Actually, he’s been learning online,” my wife was told.

After the set was over, my wife went to talk to the young man about this online learning program.

When I came home from work that day, my wife excitedly brought me to our computer and showed me online guitar lessons.

She showed me a specific program called JamPlay.

This online learning system was exactly what I had been missing in my life.

The flexibility and comprehensiveness of the lessons, as well as the structure they provided, were exactly what I needed to finally motivate myself to play guitar.

Here’s what I love about learning guitar with JamPlay:

  • Instruction At My Level, In My Style

I had struggled to find a guitar teacher who understood and could adapt the lessons to my level. With JamPlay, I don’t have that problem.

There are over 5,613 lessons on JamPlay (at the time of writing), and they range from the very beginning basics to some very advanced concepts.

If you’re just starting, if you’re an expert looking to improve, or if you’re somewhere in between, JamPlay has what you need.

More than that, there are lessons for all different styles of guitar playing.

If you want to learn acoustic, electric, bluegrass, fingerstyle, or pretty much any other style of guitar, you will find specific lessons that teach you step-by-step how to play in that style.

And that number I mentioned above is only growing.

  • The Ability To Learn When It Was Convenient For Me

One of my big frustrations with in-person lessons was the time that it was taking out of my schedule.

I had to commit to a certain time every week, which left me no flexibility if something came up with one of my daughters or with my business.

In contrast, JamPlay gives me the ability to learn whenever I have the time.

Personally, I try to spend about 30 minutes learning guitar almost every day of the week.

This takes just a small amount of my time during the day, and keeps my playing more consistent.

Best of all, I still have free time to spend with my girls.

In fact, my 5-year-old loves to watch me play. I think she’ll grow up to be a guitar player herself!

  • Connection With 80 Different Professional Guitarists

I jumped around a lot with my guitar teachers, and none of them were extremely qualified to teach.

With JamPlay, I still get to jump around to different teachers: all of whom are very qualified to teach!

These are some of the masters of the guitar world that are teaching YOU how to play the guitar!

This includes people like Bumblefoot (Guns ‘N Roses), Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), Phil Keaggy, and many other extremely talented guitarists.

With 80 different teachers in all styles, levels, and genres, you will absolutely find the instruction that you need to become a guitar player, just like I did!

Become One Of 480,000 Guitar Players
Who Have Learned With JamPlay

I said before that I went from a guitar owner to a guitar player in less than a month. That was all thanks to JamPlay.

Being able to play at my own schedule, to learn at the level that I needed, and get personalized help was exactly the boost I needed.

Within one month, I could actually play full songs! I got back to enjoying the guitar again.

But by this point, you’re probably also wondering how I saved so much money by using JamPlay.

Well, I told you above that I tried to play for 30 minutes sessions.

Doing that for an average of 5 days a week gave me more than 2 ½ hours of instruction every week.

Considering that I was spending about $40 for an hour of in-person instruction, that same amount of time would’ve cost me an incredible $400 per month!

However, I pay less than half of that for an entire year with JamPlay!

In fact, for the same amount of instruction during 1 year, I would be paying 30x more with in person classes than I do with JamPlay!

Doing the numbers, in one year with JamPlay, I will have saved $4,640.05!

Try JamPlay For FREE –
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Even if you’re not sure yet, trust me: a free trial of JamPlay is exactly what you need to be convinced.

But you don’t have to take my word for it!

With a free trial, you can have this world of personalized and professional instruction opened to you.

I’m sure you’ll fall in love with this program as much as I have.

I’m still learning the guitar, and I expect to keep learning for a long time. I may be a beginner, but now I feel confident now telling people that I play the guitar.

If someone asks, I can play multiple songs, and I’m learning more every week.

How would it make you feel to be confident in saying that you play the guitar?

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