12 Week Guitar Bootcamp

Level:Getting started
Total time:Four Weeks

How This Course Works:

In this course, you’ll graduate from being a complete beginner of the guitar, to being an intermediate, within 12 weeks.

Fueled by your curiosity to learn, guided by the roadmap of this course, and with the “virtual” help of the instructor, you’ll be well along your path of learning guitar quickly.

Course Format

You can learn the guitar faster than you think if you have 3 keys. First, a bubbling curiosity and hunger to create music with the guitar. Second, a “path of least resistance” roadmap, telling you efficiently and step-by-step what you need to learn to go from Point A to Point B. And third, Shaolin kung-fu-like discipline in consistently honing your skills to reach your Point B, whether it’s to rip some Nirvana, or create your own improvisations.

This course is all about that^ 2nd key; namely, this is meant to guide you towards finding a roadmap you can use to navigate effortlessly to your goal. That roadmap can be via the pathway of learning with online lessons, in-person lessons, or self-teaching with books.. or all of the above! It’s meant to give you the exact amount of information you need to find an efficient pathway towards learning the guitar quickly and with ease.

Note: Eventually, this course will have its own online course on how to play the guitar. Stay tuned! That’s coming very soon!

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Blah148 | Mitchell Park

Your Instructor

Your instructor is a Canadian named Mitchell Park, also known by the Youtube channel name of Blah148.

He began teaching around 2011, and is excited to share as much as possible about guitar.

Class Curriculum

Module 1: Preparing to Learn Guitar

⏱ 7 Days

Module 2: Beginner Guitar Bootcamp

⏱ 7 Days